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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Sadza balls, worth writing about again

This is a food blog as well as a biking and beer blog and as the biking has been curtailed somewhat I will write a bit more about food. Also of concern is that fact that I have only four quarts of beer left, the wine is down to the last five litres, as well as one bottle of Merlot and one bottle of Pinotage Rose',  I have one bottle of whisky and then we're down to odds and sods in the cupboard. The last two weeks are going to be tough.

But I digress, I was talking about food. After the braai on Sunday we had quite a bit of sadza left over which we wrapped in clingwrap to stop it from developing a crust and put it in the fridge. We have a few recipes for left over sadza but by far the favourite is this one;

Roll the sadza into balls, push a block of cheddar cheese into the middle and then wrap with rindless, streaky bacon which you have first thinned out with the back of a knife. Pin the bacon in place with a toothpick. I also tried two long rolls with a long piece of cheese in the same manner.

Place on a grill tray under the grill until the bacon is cooked. If you have enough bacon you can use two slices on each because it does shrink while cooking.

Add salt, the cheese melts, the bacon fat soaks into the sadza, this stuff is so good for you, believe me you'll love it.

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