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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A biker party and a Sunday ride, back in the saddle

Greetings, it seems that my problem with spamming is not as serious as I imagined and thanks to those of you that replied, Brandy and Earl, I appreciate it.
Moving on; Good weather interspersed with really crap weather and the really good days have mostly been work days. I ask you with tears in my eyes......."Why?" Spring approaches, albeit rather slowly, so we should soon be riding much more. The spring flowers, for which the western cape is world renowned have started to show, at the moment mostly just the white daisies with the occasional splash of intense orange but it promises to be a good season.
Sunday was one of those amazing days, we spent most of the day out on the bike and had a most enjoyable local cruise.
Back in time slightly, Saturday evening was a combined birthday get together for four bikers and what better excuse could there be for a jol? (Party) This was to be held at the Gypsy Jokers clubhouse, soon to be a biker bar once the legalities have been finalised, and we arrived at around four o'clock.
Grant was already busy with the potjies, the bigger one was a beef/lamb combination and the smaller one was rice, already there were a good few people in the bar.
In the meantime Paulo was busy getting the bonfire on the go, this was to prove a popular gathering spot later in the evening as the temperature dropped.
Gradually people started arriving, it was good to see my old friend Alan there, we meet at rallies all over the Cape.
"Do bad things", I suggested that as she was a biker chick she should show us her tits but she didn't, maybe it was too early?
I cooked mussels as a starter for the crowd and these went down extremely well.
 Soon we moved into the bar, after I had cooked the last of the mussels, because it started getting cold outside, the music was good biker rock 'n roll, the booze flowed and the air was sweet with the herbal fragrance of  high quality weed. I loved it! You don't need to smoke, just breathe the air man.
 Hopefully soon this will be our weekend spot like the old Phoenix bar used to be, a place to stop in for a couple after a weekend ride or a rally and discuss the ride with like minded people.
 Like I said, the bonfire turned out to be a popular gathering point and kudos to Eduardo and Anna for the organisation, they had even laid "roll-on" lawn out front for people to set up tents!
Two dirty old biker scums cornered the sweet little barmaid for a photo opportunity, I think she enjoyed it!
Grant's excellent potjie was ready at exactly the right time, well done that man! He put in a lot of work. The party raged on into the night and the wee, small hours of the morning, Eduardo apparently had to kick people out at four o'clock and I would not have been surprised if Frank was one of them! We left at a more reasonable time though I'm not sure what time it was.
Happy birthday to the four ....... guys, it was one hell of a jol, let's hope there are many more. You just gotta love bikers! I will get more photos and I will make a second story with them because it was such a damn good party and I apologise for the recent lack of posts, but I assure you I am back.