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Monday, October 22, 2018

Meeulanders annual Dart Run and a change of format

As you can see this event takes place on Saturday this week, this is our main fund raiser for the year apart from members annual dues.
This event started originally as a one day run at local venues but a few years ago was changed to a sleepover, this however put a lot more stress and work on members, not to mention the additional expense of the venues. Also suitable venues have been getting hard to find with some pricing themselves out of the equation.
We started looking at venues earlier in the year but another problem was that the biking calendar was becoming extremely crowded, especially after the winter when the weather improves.
At committee level it was decided to suggest a return to the original format and this was agreed upon by the members thus we are making use of our favourite biker bar, the Phoenix in Vredenburg who have kindly allowed us to use the premises at no cost. They have a very good bar and always great music and there is tent space available for any visitors wishing to stay over.
Members have been working hard to get sponsorships so there are a lot of prizes up for grabs, also a very good lucky draw.
So come on up for some legendary west coast hospitality you Capetown bikers, and any others from places other than the Mother City, come spend a fun day with us.
Some pictures from earlier runs;
Monica throws while others wait their turn
The late Divi DeVries club Pres.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Clique dayjol, Dragon Lords rally and our breakfast run

I mentioned earlier that the biking calendar is becoming extremely busy, we have a "Bikers against abuse" run coming up this Saturday, it's a local day run ending up at the Riviera Hotel in Velddrif for a bit of biker fun and games. Looking forward to that one and I'll tell you all about it.
During the past couple of weeks I, along with other members of the Meeulanders club attended a "dayjol" - (colloquialism for a biker party that starts mid morning and ends mid night!) hosted by the west coast chapter of the Clique Mcc at their clubhouse in Velddrif.

All credit to the President and the members, it was a very well attended event and extremely well organised with all members pulling their weight making sure that their guests had a good time.
Crowded with happy bikers
Some of the Meeulanders

Rob and Isabella, serial rally goers
The bar was busy because of the heat

Lots of pretty girls
Two lovely "Miss Clique"

Great music by DJ and Club Pres. Wayne
Good food and accessories on sale

It was the first really hot day of the early summer, so the bar sales were good. Well done to the Clique, thanks for a great day guys.
The next weekend was the "Dragon Lords" rally in Langebaan, another really hot day. Some people went through on the Friday but I just took a cruise through on Saturday afternoon. There were not many people there when I arrived, probably because of the big mass ride in Capetown but gradually through the afternoon more people cruised in through the gates.
Entry formalities
Our own Johlene helping at the gate

Louis waiting for a leg operation
Monica, Kathy and Sampie

Joe and Eleanor
Monica, Steven, Kathy and Sampie

Saved enough to get home?
The "Hooligans" attended in numbers

I had a couple of beers with my friends and then headed home, there was another ride the next morning, our regular monthly breakfast run and I wanted to be fresh!
Sunday morning we could see it was going to be a hot day, we gathered at Juffroushoogte for coffee, eleven members and two guests; Rob and Isabella with us again. Kickstands up at 09h00 and we headed up the R45 towards Malmesbury and the N7.
Our first stop, tea break on the R45
Rob especially liked the tea break

Gerda plays "Mommy"
It wasn't long before the miggies found us

Back on the road and we had to deal with the road works on the N7 which slowed us down for quite a while but it's not far from there to our destination which was "Pepper Tree" restaurant in the little village of Philadelphia.
Johan and Isabella
Rob, Daan, Bev, Gerda, Hein and Metjie

Adrie and Laureen
R89 for this, a bit much

We had a pleasant time, I wasn't too happy with the breakfast but it was good being with family. The temperature readout was 42 Celsius as we headed for the R27, it dropped down to 36 for most of the ride. Murray and Laureen rode home with us and we turned down to Yzerfontein and a cold beer or two at "Die Stal"
Thanks to the cooling influence of our beautiful bay the temperature dropped to a much more comfortable 26 degrees as I cruised into the outskirts of my home town.
There's going to be a lot more biking before Christmas! Stay safe and vigilant out there.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Another senseless hate crime in a country riddled with it, a biker dies

On a busy section of the N1 highway in Capetown on a Friday afternoon a local biker lady, Zelda pulled over on her bike to wait for a friend, they were due to ride together to take part in a matric farewell escort ride together. Shortly thereafter a car stopped nearby and she was approached by three males who robbed her and shot her in the stomach, leaving her to die they sped off.
Motorists stopped to help her, paramedics who arrived were unable to save her.
(Photo Jaco Marais) Distraught friends gathered at the scene, Zelda was killed for what, a purse and a cellphone? She leaves behind a nine year old son who must now grow up without his Mother.
Thanks to a tip off Police soon arrested a suspect found in possession of Zelda's belongings and a gun that was to be tested, we subsequently heard that the other two were also arrested a bit later.
(Photo Henk Kruger) On the following Monday bikers gathered at the court to make sure that the suspect did not get out on bail. Someone was heard to say that this was the wrong element of society that he chose, we have Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Policemen as well as prisoners amongst our number, there is nowhere to hide!
(Photo Henk Kruger) Zelda rode for Bikers4aCause and was always active in charity events. Rest in Peace lady biker.
A massive memorial ride took place last Saturday in Capetown, Zelda will be missed, one of the latest victims of crime in this beleaguered country. When will it all end?