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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Eye candy at the BMW showroom and a disappointing visit to an iconic retaurant

We went down to Capetown yesterday, Saturday and called in at the new Donford BMW shop to collect my repaired side pannier. To keep a long story short the latch broke at the last rally I went to and none of the local bike guys was able to repair it, it had to go to the agents who imported a new latch set from Germany, this ended up costing me just over R1,100. Oh well that's BMW for you!
I had to have it done, no good riding around with only one suitcase, whilst there I fell in love!
 Isn't that a thing of beauty? The new R1200RT, I have already chosen the body part that I would give to own that bike, it's on the left side. As you can see in the bottom picture there are several RTs on the showroom floor but that blue one is the one for me. Ah well it doesn't hurt to dream does it?
From there we went off for lunch to a restaurant that we last visited in 1984 on our longest "Around the country" bike trip, I have no idea why we haven't been back since, but this was the time to check it out; Panama Jack's in the harbour.
 I must admit that the place looked a bit seedy but we were there and the place is known for seafood, my favourite so we went inside.
The wines were expensive, we selected a Dimmersdal Sauvignon Blanc at R127, I asked for a Two Oceans wine but was told that they stopped selling that a long time ago even though the name is emblazonned all over the outside awnings.
I chose the "Crustacean platter for one" which was way too expensive but it was good!
Scallops, prawns, langostine and crayfish on a bed of rice, by the time I got down to the rice it was mixed with garlic butter and all of the juices from the various animals, I ate every single morsel and really enjoyed it but I am a seafood fanatic. 
Janet's meal on the other hand was a complete disappointment, it looked good when it arrived, hake and chips, but the chips were dry and tasteless, powdery inside like they were re-fried left-overs and the hake was bland with an aftertaste of old cooking oil. 
Oh well, been there - done that, it'll probably be another thirty-one years before we go there again.
Lunch at Pearly's restaurant in Langebaan on the way home today was a delight, fresh (really fresh) Yellowtail. Little wonder that we often eat at Pearly's.
Saturday next sees the first Western Cape Motorcycle Association's inaugural mini-rally/day jol at the Wingerd Dance hall in Vredenburg, the guys are going all out on this one and it looks like it's going to be a good one. It would be a good one for you Cape bikers to attend, see you there.