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Monday, April 30, 2018

April Breakfast run with data and battery problems

I haven't posted anything for a while, I've had data problems which now appear to have been sorted out so I'm back!
The weather has been beautiful lately though sadly we are still drastically in need of rain, I would gladly sacrifice riding and braaiing weather in exchange for a week of solid, heavy rain.
We haven't done much riding lately because I have had battery problems, unfortunately my battery did not stand up to the three months of inactivity even though my friend Craig ran the engine a few times, I put it on trickle charger at home and then went down to the garage to check tire pressures and fuel so that Janet and I could go for a midweek cruise. 
I refilled the tank and adjusted the tire pressures and when I pressed the starter there was just a "click", I got help from the garage and we took the battery out and put it on charge but I had to walk home! Not a happy biker. I ended up leaving the bike at the garage overnight so that the battery could get a good charge and collected it the next day.
The coming Sunday was our regularly scheduled breakfast run and now things seemed to be alright but come the Sunday morning, another beautiful day, Janet and I were standing next to the bike in our riding gear and it wouldn't start! We ended up going on the breakfast run in our cage, nothing else for it at that late stage.
At least the back of my pick up made a good table for our tea break stop in the layby!

Eleven of us on five bikes and two cars, Floors is still recovering from a knee operation, left Juffroshoogte that morning, for the relatively short run down the R27 to the Yzerfontein turn off, Janet and I bringing up the rear.

We pulled in to a convenient layby for the traditional "tea break" and raised a glass in salute to our fallen brother Anton from the Mohicans who lost his life in an accident not far from where we were parked.
Cactus Jack checks how much is left in the bottle and it was time to move on!

Road Captain Daan lead the small group back out onto the R27 and down to "Die Stal" pub just on the outskirts of Yzerfontein. The breakfast was alright, service was a bit slow and two of the orders were wrong but we still had a good time.
I ended up having to buy a new battery but luckily we have a supplier in the area, Battery Pro in Vredenburg stocks bike batteries and I got a new gel one for a very reasonable price so we're happy again and things are returning to normal after our extended time away.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

South African bikers, Easter goodwill

So far I have found three stories on social media of South African bikers doing their bit for needy children over the Easter weekend, I am sure there are more stories and if I come across them I will share.
I have copied the photos from the social media site but I am sure the photographer won't mind me using them to spread the story; first I read of two Eastern Cape groups, the Hawks and the Buffalo City Riders who obviously got together over the weekend to hand out Easter eggs to underprivileged children;
I don't know these guys but they look like good men, bikers.
the bikers spreading joy and happiness to the children, and we all love the marshmallow Easter eggs!
Wherever there are motorbikes the little boys, future bikers, will gather.

Very well done to the members of the Hawks and the Buffalo City riders, you guys and gals are true bikers, you epitomise biking and make us all proud to be bikers.
I only found one picture from Highway Pirates and friends who apparently visited the "Dorpstraat Kindershuis" to spread some goodwill, well done to you people - I do know some of the Highway Pirates, also good bikers.
I also found pictures posted by the SA Navy Bikers group (which I did not know about) who are obviously here in the western cape because they got together to take Easter eggs and soft toys to the Eiland Huis home for children which is nearby in Saint Helena Bay.

This is just a small sample of the excellent work that is regularly carried out by big-hearted bikers in South Africa, as it is pretty much world wide. Much of it goes unnoticed but the reward for those taking part is seeing the happy and excited faces of the children. Well done to you all, bikers are good people.