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Monday, February 3, 2020

The new President of the Meeulanders mcc

The last Thursday of every month is when the monthly club meetings are held and January is when the new committee is elected, after keeping all the business to a minimum and conducting the election of the committee I called the President elect, my brother Anton up to the front.

As outgoing President it is my duty and privilege to install my successor, Janet cut the "President" bar from my cut and in an emotional ceremony I presented it to Anton, assuring him of my full support.
I have known Anton for many years and I know that he is going to be very good as leader of the club, congratulations my brother.

Anton conducted the closing of the meeting after all other business was taken care of and then it was party time!
A toast to the new Pres., this has got to be one of the best photographs ever! Click on it to see it full size, most of the members were there.

Sooi, Uncle Frank and Sampie
The oldest and the youngest (Jannie)

The incoming couple and the outgoing couple
Then it was time for our braai, it turned out to be quite a party. This club has become very important to me, a big part of my life and when we do eventually leave it is going to be a huge part of me that gets torn away. I never thought that the mcc life would be so important to me but it sure is.

There are a few more pictures on my facebook page of the same name, go there should you wish to see them.

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Unknown said...

It was most a enjoyable gathering and memorable one as well.