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Monday, August 7, 2017

Monthly Breakfast Run

Sunday 6th August dawned bright and clear even though we are now pretty much in the middle of winter, my temperature readout showed a chilly 9 celsius as we rode through isolated patches of heavy fog to Juffroeshoogte to meet up with Meeulanders members. It was time for our monthly breakfast run and as usual I had no idea of how many people there would be.
The Saint Helena Bay crowd were already there with hot coffee; Anton, Rinette and Hein with two visitors George and Ronelle. I ordered coffee for us and already other bikes were pulling in, by the time we were ready to leave a good crowd had gathered,
Shortly after 09h00 twenty three people on fifteen bikes headed out onto the R45, because it was only a short ride to the venue in Velddrif we were in no hurry so I kept the group together at a steady 120 to 130kmh, sometimes it's nice to just cruise and take time to smell the roses.
At Hopefield we turned left and rode along the back road that runs along the Berg River into Velddrif and pulled off the road at the grain silos for a "tea break". Along this section my bike showed 12 celsius but Willie's had showed 10 so it was still pretty chilly as we parked and climbed off.
Anton and Rinette had brought along a lovely bottle of Grenadilla liqueur which had been made by a friend of theirs, this just happens to be Janet's favourite liqueur so she was happy. It was delicious and quite strong, I have ordered a bottle.
Willie's temperature guage showed 10 celsius here

After a very pleasant stop it was time to move on, our destination was just around the corner but even so it was great to be out on the bikes, and we had some nice ones there;

From Henrico's lovely 900 Honda which he is still busy restoring to George's Triumph 2300 and lots in between we saddled up and cruised into Velddrif to the "Vishuis" (Fish house) restaurant on the now tourist famous Bokkomlaan.

This is a nice little restaurant, we have been there before but not for a long time, it is right on the banks of the Berg river, a picturesque spot and very busy in the summer. This time we had the place to ourselves and we were well looked after.
The happy bunch of bikers on the banks of the Berg River


We had a very nice time, the breakfast was good and we'll certainly be back. Eventually we had twenty one members and four visitors so an excellent turn out once again.
My next event will be a return to the Polar Bear run on Saturday 26th, this will be the ninth annual run, I missed the last two because of family holidays so I'll tell you all about that one. In the meantime stay safe.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Tin run after party

We all agreed that we would close down the collection points at 14h00 load all the goods into bakkies and gather at the Gull and Bell pub in Saint Helena Bay for an after party and what an excellent after party it turned out to be!
We were there earlier than most as we had been working in Saint Helena Bay but by 16h00 everyone was there enjoying a cold one and chatting. Eventually twenty seven members pretty much took over the pub and after the rugby was finished non-bikers left leaving the place to us.
Some of the ladies relaxing after a long day on their feet
The club's youngest member Elsje with the oldest member Frank

By 18h00 Anton started to braai the excellent piece of sirloin that he had brought along;
Liberally doused with tabasco sauce, braaied to perfection and then sliced it was perfect.

Rinette provided excellent side dishes and we settled down to a delicious meal, and let me tell you I have not had a better steak, that was tender!

There was dancing on tables and talk of moving on to another pub down the road but for us it was time to head for home, those that had left a little earlier sent text messages to say that there did not appear to be any roadblocks. What an excellent day and an enjoyable evening it had been, they truly are a wonderful bunch of people these Meeulanders.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tin Run 2017

Continuing with the stories of bikers doing good deeds for their fellow man, last Saturday 29th July was the date selected for the Meeulanders' annual tin run. As with many years past certain large chain supermarkets were selected and formal permission requested from the owners/managers as well as Mall management where necessary for members to gather outside the shops and request donations of non perishable food items. These are then formally handed over to the local chapter of the Round Table for distribution to people in need.
We have always selected the Pick 'n Pay supermarket in the Laguna Mall, Langebaan and this year there was no problem, the Pick 'n Pay supermarket in Vredenburg was likewise happy to have us as was the Spar supermarket in Saint Helena Bay. However at the last moment I was informed by one of our other regular shops, the Checkers in the Weskus Mall that for various reasons they were no longer allowing collections outside the shop.
I then approached the Ok Mini Mart in Saldanha with a request but the owner did not even bother to return my calls and the owner of the Spar in Saldanha sent a message via his assistant "No he doesn't want people standing outside the shop." This rather put me in a bit of a quandary and eventually we collected at only the three stores but in the end the results were good, not quite as much as last year but this we put down to the economic downturn and the lack of "spare cash".
The happy team at the Spar supermarket in Saint Helena Bay, we were on duty from 09h00 to 14h00 and managed top collect some four supermarket trollies worth of goods.
This is the team at the Pick 'n Pay in Vredenburg with their collection.
 It certainly seems like the team at the Laguna Mall managed the most but it's not a competition! (usually said by the ones that came third!) 
It was a good day and it was heartening to see the way the people gave, some could only afford one tin and that was all we asked for, but others gave much more.

I would like the supermarket owners to see this,  those who didn't want us outside their shops lost business because all of this represents extra sales, these items were purchased specifically for us, if we had not been there they would not have been bought.
This load was just from the one shop, there were two other loads as well. To the managers of the Pick 'n Pay in the Laguna Mall, the Pick 'n Pay in Vredenburg and to the owner of the Spar in Saint Helena Bay we thank you for your co operation. Soon we will have a formal hand over to the Round Table and I will keep you updated.
We celebrated a successful day with an after party of note, but that's a whole other story which I will tell in the next installment, watch this space!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cayenne Dealership opens in Capetown

I'm searching for a good, comfortable pair of touring boots;
These were the best boots I have ever had, they weren't actually motorcycle boots but were made by Bronx Leather, I bought them maybe fifteen years ago for R250 and wore them to pieces. I had them resoled twice and eventually the gear lever wore a hole in the top but I loved those boots, they were comfortable for all day use and were high enough to keep the wind off my legs. By the time I had worn the soles for the third time they were done and I had to get rid of them.
So it was that I visited the grand opening of the Cayenne dealership in Paarden Eiland last Saturday, mainly in the hope of buying a new pair of boots, but also to see what bikes were on sale. Special offers were advertised.
It is a beautiful showroom, spacious and light with a large variety of different new and used motorcycles on show, a large well stocked clothing and accessories department off to one side but unfortunately no boots that suited or fit me.
I spent quite a bit of time trying on various boots and the young lady who served me was attentive and helpful, obviously keen on making a sale and I was sorry to disappoint her.

I bought a cup of coffee and wandered around for about an hour admiring the beautiful machines on sale; from Hyosung and SCF to MV Augusta, Aprillia and BMW and many more in between. There are entry level machines, scramblers and super bikes to suit every type of biker and indeed while I was there the brass bell mounted on the wall was rung to announce a sale.
The place gradually filled up while I was there and I am sure they will do well, I was tempted to buy one of these to run a small taxi taking old ladies to the supermarket and back, maybe I will do that it could be fun.
If anybody knows where I can get a decent pair of boots let me know, and go and give Cayenne a visit, lots of biker eye candy.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lady bikers get together for Agape house in Vredenburg

Sunday dawned cold and slightly wet but that did not deter the ladies, many of whom drove up from Capetown to support "Agape", a home for abused or neglected children in Vredenburg. The call went out for local ladies to assist and Mercia, first lady of the local chapter of the Mohicans posted the request on social media.
Apparently the home does not get government finance but depends on donations and local support so there is always a need for anything from clothes and shoes to food and blankets.

The Meeulanders' own Monica was there and soon bags of clothing and food were being ferried in much to the excitement of the children.

Another wonderful initiative from western cape bikers. Photos by Kareen Neethling. Well done ladies, this sort of thing most of the time goes on unnoticed but it happens all the time, wherever there are bikers.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017

Meeulanders donation to hospice

I am extremely proud to be associated with this fine motorcycle club and if you have been reading this you will have read that our last President, Divi DeVries passed away last year. During his leadership in 2016 money was collected through various charity initiatives, some of which was earmarked for the Vredenburg hospice.
Due to his illness and his untimely passing the club was thrown into a bit of turmoil and the donations were not done, last week his first lady Carlo made the appointment with the hospice for Wednesday at 12h00, a time which suited them but which precluded many members from attending due to work commitments.
As I am now retired I took great pleasure in riding through to Vredenburg and did not expect many members to be there but amazingly eight other members were able to attend.
Carlo made the presentation to the chief sister; R5,100 which included a substantial amount that had been donated by Divi personally. It was very happily received and they assured us it will be put to good use. We all know the sterling work performed unselfishly by hospice.
Well done indeed to those members who were able to attend, and to those who were not able know that your club was well represented. More good work performed by the biking community.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bikers doing good work in their community

The west coast chapter of the Mohicans motorcycle club, which has grown considerably since they were established, recently hosted a braai for the residents of Huis Wittekruin, the retirement home in Vredenburg.
Elderly residents were treated to a delicious meal prepared by members of the club which was then served in the dining room.
Members of the club also donated a large quantity of toiletries to the residents, many of whom cannot afford small luxuries.
One of the ladies at Huis Wittekruin wanted to go for a ride on a motorbike so a helmet was found and she was assisted onto the back of Mercia's bike and taken for a little ride, something I am sure she will remember for a long time.
 "Put your feet here and hang on tight." A memorable occasion for this lady.
 Well done indeed to the President and first lady; Alex and Mercia and to the members of the Mohicans Motorcycle club for this initiative, I've said it before and you'll here me say it again and again; bikers are good people.