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Saturday, May 9, 2020

I'm so tired of this!

I'm so tired of this!
I can't even remember what day of quarantine this is and quite frankly I couldn't give a shit damn.
I'm tired of reading Covid-19 posts on social media because they're all bullshit, you read one that gives you hope and then within a day some other "expert" is telling you something else that dashes your hopes. I'm going with the one that told me this lockdown was a huge mistake and that very soon I'll be able to go and buy some wine and some whisky.

Speaking of whisky my brother Murray lent me a bottle of Vat 69 and Frank gave me a bottle of wine for Janet. Thanks my brothers, you smoothed my path. The Whisky is nearly finished, I have been measuring strict tots and have enjoyed it immensely. We have finished off two almost full bottles of Peach Schnapps which have been in the booze cupboard for heaven knows how long. We mix it with a dash of lemon juice and soda water and it is quite pleasant, there is half a bottle of Peppermint schnapps to follow and then I'm not sure how we're going to drink what's left; 

Here's what's left; the small bottle on the left is "Sobieski", with a tot of whisky liqueur left which is nice, I'll flatten that soon. Next to that is "Butlers Triple Sec", not sure about that one we will experiment. The long bottle, number three is foreign and very harsh, I don't even think Coke will help that one. Then there is a "Buchu" liqueur, also not very nice but maybe an acquired taste, half a bottle. Then a dash of Pernod which I have mostly used to make sauce in my seafood dishes for a prawn or calamari starter. The last one is an almost full Peppermint liqueur, which is nice in shooters like "Springbokkies" but I'm not sure how else we'll drink it. "Beggars can't be choosers" as the saying goes. These bottles have been in the cupboard for years and I have no idea where most of them came from.

My attempt at homemade red wine didn't work out. 😖 Apparently the yeast was too old, it was dead. I bought a fresh one and added it but still nothing happened, now we're thinking that maybe the container wasn't properly cleaned. I have bought a new container but we just have to do something with the water in it so I'll let you know what happens there later. (Maybe drink it?)

Yesterday (Friday) evening we had another club drink at 18h00 although I had to toast with Amarula which is a bit girly because my Jagermeister is finished. Club spirit is still high and everyone seems to be in good health, all we need is to get together in real life for a breakfast run or something.

We've had a nice couple of braais, had a good one today with my last portion of lamb's tails as a starter, I shall look out for more of those, very nice.

I braaied Pork neck steaks and boerewors for main course along with a miellie, some Gem Squash and a couple of small potatoes. A nice meal, we've been braaing quite a bit as the weather has been so nice you either have to go for a ride or have a braai. Here's a picture of my lunch, sorry but I don't have anything else to show you;

I've ordered another Snoek which will be delivered tomorrow so that will be the next braai with again fish cakes for one meal and Smoorsnoek for another. For my few foreign readers Smoorsnoek is a tasty dish made with leftovers, a very basic method (there are plenty of recipes as this fish is a west coast staple and has been eaten here for centuries) is to fry onions until soft, add chopped potatoes and fry until soft than add the flaked snoek, stir in to warm through and it's ready, just serve on rice and add a good pat of butter, simple but delicious. 

I can't seem to find a non copyright picture but if you are interested in what the fish looks like just google "Thyrsites Atun"

Right what have we got to look forward to this week? More episodes of The Walking Dead, oh yes and I'll take a ride though to the Mall on Wednesday, weekly shopping and I'll see if I can add in some extra k's if there's no cops around. Wow exciting!


Unknown said...

Yes we had enough of this lockdown time to open up the stores

the rider said...

Right! Although I won't go in on the first day that they open the bottle stores! That will be madness. Thanks for your comment friend, please just leave your first name next time so I know to whom I am talking.