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Monday, February 10, 2020

February biker church and breakfast, another ride out

Meeulanders do a lot of riding but then isn't that what an mcc is all about?   My last post covered our monthly breakfast run after which four of our number; Daan and Bev on their FJR and Sooi and Linicia on their GS headed off for a trip to the Eastern Cape, they are currently in Jeffrey's Bay and will meet up with other members at the Christian Motorcycle Association rally in Franschoek this coming weekend.

Also this coming weekend some of our club will attend the "Undaunted mcc" dayjol at the nearby "Schaaftplaas" resort. We try to support as many local club events as we can in order to encourage reciprocal attendance at ours. That is how it works, we support each other

In the meantime yesterday was the monthly biker church meeting in Vredenburg which takes place at 08h00 so bikers are up and about early. Pastor Errol is a biker himself so his sermons are relevant and enjoyable, his enthusiasm for The Word is contagious, the services are usually well attended. Afterwards the different clubs usually go somewhere together for breakfast, we decided to go to "Plaasmol" on the R45.

Seventeen of us headed out along the R45 on seven bikes and two cars, it was a cool and fresh morning, lovely for riding and the wind had not yet made it's annoying presence felt. Plaasmol is not far, we parked up just after 09h00.

It's a colourful and inviting place with small shops selling local produce, preserves and craft items, there is an animal touch farm for the children and the well known R45 pub which we have often frequented. There are quaint little dining areas with quirky decor as well as a large area for bigger groups which we selected.

Coffee orders were taken as we arrived but they took ages to get our breakfast orders, in fact eventually Rinette went to call one of the waitresses.
 My coffee was brilliant! A nice strong black coffee served with a little mug of condensed milk, I haven't had coffee like that for about a thousand years, I really enjoyed it!
Behind the pond is "Poplap se stoel" - a giant chair

It was such a long wait for breakfast that a bunch of Meeue led by Gerda decided to climb the chair.

In spite of the lengthy wait I must say that the breakfast was very good, I got mine just after 11h00 co-incidentally as they opened the bar. My food was still warm and I was not in any hurry. I had their "John Deere" breakfast; miellie pap with a tomato and onion relish, an egg and some pork "kaiings" for R69 which I thought was very reasonable.
 For my foreign readers let me explain: Miellie pap is made from maize meal, similar in flavour to the sadza that we had in Rhodesia but of a wetter consistency almost like porridge. A favourite South African food, I love it. 
"Kaiings" (in the front of the plate) is made from the rendered down fat of either pork or lamb which is then either minced or chopped up before deep frying, probably not your most healthy of foods but believe me it is delicious. I will have this again in spite of the slow service.

We moved through to the bar to finish our drinks and perhaps to buy another one and from there decided to have a last one at Juffroushoogte from where we would go our separate ways. The west coast wind had come up by then but it's a short ride.
Yet another very enjoyable club run and as I said another one this coming weekend. Stay safe out there people and especially to Daan, Bev, Sooi and Linicia safe travels.

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