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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ferrari motorbike?!

As the time draws closer and all of us older bikers start looking towards the coming weekend to see what the weather is going to be like for the second annual Polar Bear run, we have been speaking to Des, the organiser of the run to see what he has been planning; first of all the run is only open to the "older riders" because we don't want any crap from "lighties", it is open only to "lekker okes and their wives" because we don't have time for any shit - hey!
I got a call from Des today and he said that the final prize would be awarded to the guy or girl who would ride down Sutherland's main road on Sunday morning with the least clothes on at 0800!
Now I know that Des has done some "kaalgat" riding before at rallies so I reckon that if you want to win this award you will have to take your wristwatch off! On the other hand this is Sutherland in winter, the coldest place in South Africa and if you (a guy) are going to ride kaalgat you want to look good. I have always said to Janet that if I get the urge to streak she mustn't try to stop me, she must just take me aside and help me to look good!
This, however, might be very difficult under these very cold circumstances, it is going to be a very interesting weekend and I will post some - but maybe not all - photos next week!
Just be sure that this is going to be an extremely good weekend which will develope into an annual event and because accommodation is at a premium it will become one of those events where you will have to go, if you miss out one year you will not get back onto the list. I think Des has got something good going here - watch this space!
On a completely different note I touched on a Ferrari motorbike on my sidebar photos, this is absolutely unreal!
I'm not too sure that I like this very much, extreme styling and zero wind protection. It has a Ferrari engine so can you imagine what it goes like!

And can you imagine what that sounds like?! Bloody fantastic! A Ferrari engine in a motorbike, absolute madness, they may sell a few in Dubai or somewhere like that but I don't think we'll have too many of them on our breakfast runs! Anyway keep reading this blog friends and I enjoy your comments, let me know what you think - harryh are you still reading Bro? I sent an email and got no reply, we're worried is everything ok?

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