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Thursday, September 29, 2016

What more food?!

I enjoy making fish cakes, to which end I save as much fish as I can from carcasses after I have taken off my fillets, I steam and flake it and freeze it in handy batches.
The other day I made some mussel cakes in the same manner;
Take pre-cooked mussels and chop them up into small chunks, weigh the mussels and boil up an equal amount of potatoes,

I roughly mashed the potatoes and flavoured them with garlic flakes, salt, coarse black pepper and mixed herbs, a pat of butter and then stirred the chopped mussels into the pot. I then molded them into cakes, dipped in flour, egg and bread crumbs and put them into the fridge to set for a couple of hours.

Deep fried ready to enjoy, on the right is the table set for our friends, roasted chicken wings, Janet's bread rolls from a recipe of my sister's, smoked Angel fish in the centre and my mussel cakes at the back - (it's worth clicking on that photo to see it full size!)
This plate has the chicken and vegetables that I do in a clay pot in a convection oven but in front is guess what? More left over Sadza, Janet fried rough chunks of it in a pan in some butter and cooked in some flavoured noodles, very nice!
And then there was a braai - and I buggered up the potatoes! Took them off too soon and Janet had to finish them in the microwave, ahh well you can't win them all!
With apologies to my friend at Trobiaritz' Tablet who is vegan, delicious Karoo lamb chops from our recent trip up to Sutherland marinated in olive oil, red wine, Aromat, garlic flakes and Rosemary,

One of our favourites; crunchy pork belly rashers as a starter and then the main with some really good boerewors that we bought at the butchery in Moorreesburg the other day. On the right you can see the failed potatoes wrapped in tin foil but after some intervention by Janet it all ended well.
Well that's all about food for now, we have a biking weekend coming up, on Saturday there is a dayjol hosted by the Clique at the "Wielhuis" pub in Velddrif, that should be a good one, certainly was last year.
Sunday is the Meeulanders monthly breakfast run, not sure where to yet but looking forward to it anyway. Stay safe brothers and sisters and we'll see you on the road.

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Trobairitz said...

No need to apologize! My boss sends me dead deer pictures after he hunts, lol.

Your food always looks pretty tasty.