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Thursday, September 15, 2016

New toy for the bike (and car)

As I mentioned in an earlier post my daughter and son in law were out here from the UK for a visit and they brought me a GoPro camera! I have always wanted one of these because all of my bike trips feature photos at the gathering place and then at the end venue, nothing or very few in between unless we stop somewhere but no road shots.
This because I cannot talk Janet into taking photos from the pillion seat; "I'm here to relax and enjoy the scenery, I don't want to have to concentrate on a camera - NO!"
I have managed to mount the camera firmly on the dash and it sits good and steady, I have already tested it with video and it is lovely and clear - I'm not going to bore you with that right now, but now I have to learn how to use it for photos, apparently it can be programmed to take shots automatically at specific time lapse so I must get this set up before our next big event which is this year's Dart Run on 22nd October - watch this space.
Onto something completely different; as you all know by now I am a foodie, a practioner of the fine, manly art of braai or barbeque as some of you call it, I also enjoy cooking in the kitchen and love experimenting with herbs (with an "h") and spices but I am not a chef, just a competent cook.
Several years ago I wrote a manuscript entitled "Braaiing with Wood" - geddit? In which I included my recipes and tips along with anecdotes both funny and serious and it was proof read by a friend, a published author who really liked it and encouraged me to send it in to some publishers.
I duly sent it to a publisher who, along with complimentary comment said that they would not be able to publish it because they were already involved with a recipe book by a well known South African chef.
I was discouraged by this and dropped it but now I have been encouraged to dig it out, dust it off and send it in again after some up dating, also to explore the self-publishing option so this I am going to do. The reason I am writing this is because I want all of you to buy a copy if and when it comes out - alright?
Here is a poem that I wrote back then to go at the end of the book because it will have a biking thread running though it, connecting everything together;


You sit astride your steed and hold
the grips with leathered hands,
you do not heed the morning cold
as the early sky begins to gold.
The button thumbed,
the engine fires,
the iron beast trembles
eager to get her tyres

The song of power, muted thunder,
Sweeping curves and distant places.
A group of bikers inspires wonder,
Preferring speed and open spaces.
You grab a handful,
Roll it on.
She leaps ahead at your command
Or slows right down as you demand,
But keeps her tyres

Gaze far ahead, look close about
As the road goes by beneath your feet.
You’re in the wind – you want to shout,
You feel the rain, your thoughts are fleet.
No need to speak
Just to sing
The song of freedom
And feel her tyres

If you knew how I feel as I open her up,
The wind in my face, the sound in my ears
It’s like sipping life from a precious cup.
My only regret is all the years
Without the iron maiden.
Now I live
I’m in the wind
And I’ll keep her tyres

Let me know what you think.


Trobairitz said...

You sir are a man of many talents. Very nice poem and how cool to dig out the manuscript again.

I think Gary France from the UK might have self published his book as well of his two-wheeled trip across the USA.

Looking forward to seeing some of those new GoPro photos as well.

the rider said...

Thanks Brandy, I really enjoy hearing from you.