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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Buffalo Rally 2014 - part two - the mass ride, lunch and a quiet afternoon

I stumbled out of my tent and headed to the ablution block just after 07h30, I had had a bit of a sleep but I'm not sure for how long, anyway it was too noisy and by then too bright. There are some who just love to rev their bikes to the limiter and make them backfire and this goes on all through the night from different parts of the camp, as soon as one stops another takes over and so it goes. It's not easy to sleep when the air inside your mattress is vibrating!
I joined many other happy campers at the coffee tent and then wandered back to our camp, I had a couple of hours before the mass ride so I just relaxed. I was meeting Chelee, my friend Alan's daughter who was going to ride pillion with me at the gate so I had to be on my best behaviour. After another couple of cups of coffee I was as right as rain.
Our friends were a bit concerned about Frank, he hadn't returned to his tent but I had an idea where he might be so on my way to the gate I stopped off at the main tent and sure enough;
there he was, on his way back to the camp to go and get some sleep! I'm telling you there are not too many younger people who can keep up with this guy at a party, I'm pretty good but I have trouble keeping up with him.
The weather was great, the mass ride was crowded and it's a lot of clutch and brake riding but the roads were lined with other bikers and members of the public all waving and cheering which made it a very festive spectacle. After dropping the young lady at her car I went off to have some lunch and ended up at the "Anchor Restaurant" at Viking Fishing.
What I liked about this place was the casual atmosphere and that the food was braaiied over the coals to order, I ordered a piece of Marlin and this was braaiied to perfection.
 Lovely fresh Marlin steak washed down with a glass of cold Sauvignon Blanc, I felt much better after that and headed back to the campsite, from then on it was going to be a quiet afternoon preparing for the ride home the next day, no more party!
By then Frank was up and about having had a sleep in one of the chairs, everyone was taking it easy for the afternoon before going down to the main tent for the lucky prize draw in the evening.
 Later on Steve braaiied some meat for the people at what must be the braai with the best view ever. I didn't stay long at the main tent, the prizes were won by other people anyway and by 21h00 I was dog tired, I climbed into my tent and dozed off but there was still a lot of noise and it was difficult to sleep, perhaps I could get enough sleep to feel good for the ride home the next day.

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