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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Local ride and lunch at The Oystercatcher restaurant

It was a lovely day today, it started out pretty hot but I think that is because I was sweating after planting Janet's herbs in pots outside the kitchen door. Not much of a gardener me, but they had been standing around dying in their plastic trays for more than a week so I had to make some sort of effort. The work also scored me some points.
By the time I was finished it was around 11h00 so we decided that a local ride and a lunch was what we needed. We left home at 11h45 and by then it seemed to have cooled down somewhat, the sky was a pale blue with scattered high level patches of cloud that could almost have been applied in random streaks with a gigantic paint brush.
We sped around the area between Saldanha, Vredenburg and Langebaan, reveling in the feeling of pure escapism, freedom and enjoyment that this machine invokes. The bike was really feeling good and I needed the reassurance that today's ride provided, after the incident with the differential I had lost some of my confidence in the Big Red Machine. 
We discussed where to go for lunch and one of the options was the "Black Oyster Catcher" restaurant in Langebaan, we had last been there some time ago but I had heard that Charles, the Chef from "Driftwoods" restaurant was now there, "Let's go check it out!"
We had a leisurely lunch and a bottle of wine, I had the freshest filet of Kob that I have had in ages, absolutely delicious. Janet had a lovely Hake and Chips, and I know it was good because I finished it off for her! I enjoyed myself so much that I forgot to photograph the food.
Janet's Hake and chips was on a Sunday special for an unbelievable R38! Our bill, with the gratuity came to only R220, you don't often get value like that and if I had also had the Hake and chips our bill would have been less than R200!  We'll be back.
We rode back home via Vredenburg and then a brief stop, just for one beer, at the Beach Club in Saldanha. I am once again impressed with my bike and am now really looking forward to the Buffalo Rally next weekend.
Janet was so impressed with my gardening prowess this morning that she has lined up some other outstanding chores for me on Thursday which is a public holiday! Part of that day will be taken up with packing the bike for the trip but I don't think I can use that as much of an excuse, it won't take long.
The reason for the garden clean up is that we have a bunch of friends coming up for the Easter weekend and although I am used to my garden the way it is, women have a way of seeing through a current state of affairs into the future, they can see what it should or could look like with a bit of (husband's) effort, so I guess that's what I'll be doing on Thursday.
I'll tell you all about the Buffalo Rally.

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