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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Thanks my friends

I logged on today and my pageviews  showed the magical number 99,999! It was just a little while ago that I happened to logon at 77,777. Quite a coincidence me thinks. 
I have been  writing this since June 2008, coming up to five years and I really have enjoyed it. I have managed, through this blog, to make quite a lot of friends in a lot of countries - 165 countries to be exact and although I don't get many comments on my blog posts I know that people are reading what I write now and then. It is an enjoyable hobby and it enables me to read what like-minded people in other countries do, I read blogs published by bikers in America, England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to name but a few.
I hope that you stay with me, I will try to make my posts interesting and if you contact me I will read your blogs too.
Thank you for being with me over the past five years.
Yours in biking - Andrew Wood


Anonymous said...

Well done Andrew - I always enjoy reading your adventures, cooking etc
Ride safe

the rider said...

Thanks Dick, glad you're still reading it, my bike's ready so I'm hoping to collect on Saturday - just waiting for them to email the invoice!