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Monday, December 3, 2012

Viper Lounge 4th birthday

You all know by now that the Viper Lounge in Tableview is one of our favourite spots on the planet and that we often pull in there for breakfast or just for a beer or several when riding in that area, so it was good to get notification of their fourth birthday celebration and Victory motorcycles open day which was taking place on Saturday 1st December.
Our friend Janet was to meet us there and accommodation was arranged, her daughter Taryn of SuperwheelsSA, the soon to be launched online biker magazine offered us her home for the night, only five minutes away from the Viper Lounge we were unlikely to encounter any roadblocks. 
We were up reasonably early on Saturday morning, I was keen to get going so I was moving things along. I was particularly pleased to see that the weather was calm and sunny because the whole week had been really bad with gale force southerlies and I was afraid that Janet would not want to go.
The ride down the R27 was uneventful and rather enjoyable, most of the traffic was heading up our way from Capetown so we had a virtually clear passage at speed and it was just after 10h00 that we pulled into the car park outside the Viper Lounge.
There was already a good crowd and there were already four bikes in line for the bikini wash, I wasted no time in getting the big red machine into the line! Time for a beer, there was no entry charge and everyone was given a ticket that entitled them to a free boerewors roll and a small draft beer, very cool.
The bikini girls were very sweet, I moved them out from under their awning so that I could get good photos and they had no objection to a dirty old man hanging around taking pictures, at least I didn't have sweeties in my pockets!
Some TLC for the big red machine from a pretty girl, I enjoyed myself and there was more to come later in the day.
My friends Nancy and Pieter were there for a while, on their way to another day jol in the Southern Suburbs,
we met solely through this blog and through facebook and are now firm friends meeting up at various biker events, it just goes to show the power of the internet.
While all of this was going on they started braaiing the boerewors and man did that aroma get the juices flowing! All credit to Dieter and the crew at the Viper Lounge, they kept the rolls going right through the day and they were very good.
Jan tries a Sportster 883 on for size, mark my words; It's not going to be too long before you see this lady out on the road and in the wind.
By midday the parking area was full of bikes and the party was in full swing, I saw quite a few really interesting machines;
How's this for a fancy orange metal flake Davidson?
This is nice! A Honda Valkyrie, basically a naked Goldwing, a great looking machine, I really like this one.
A stunning Ivory or Ice-white Suzuki Boulevarde, plenty of chrome to polish there!
An extremely radical Chopper, not sure how comfortable that ride would be but certainly a work of art.
By early afternoon the place was pumping and then it was time for the "Black Widow ladies"!
Suddenly Dieter himself was caught off-guard by the beautiful young ladies in his pub, they had come to administer shots of "Black Widow", a Vodka based drink and I was determined not to miss out!
The drink was not too bad, if you had a shot you had to face the "Cat-o'-nine-tails" or pay for the shot, I opted for the whip, much to the amusement of the two Janet's, one of whom would, I am sure have liked to have wielded the whip herself! (No names, no pack-drill.)
A second shot of the Vodka and coffee drink and a second lash and I was beginning to enjoy this! Funnily enough I only saw one other guy going for the whip, what happened to the other tough bikers? If you look closely at this picture you can see the whip curling around him and the slightly worried look on his face, I'm sure that the normal pubs that these ladies go to only require them to "stroke" the patrons but here at the biker pub the shouts were to "Swing the bloody thing!"
 Fabulous legs and a short leather mini-skirt, I mean really what more could you ask for?
 We left shortly after this to get settled into our accommodation and to go for a meal, a hot spicy chicken and prawn dish at Cubana which I really enjoyed, then a double Jamieson Dom Pedro on the pavement outside "Atlantico"
The three of us sat and sipped our Dom Pedros and watched the sun set over the iconic mountain, one of the seven natural wonders of the world! A fabulous evening, from there we went back to the Viper Lounge but things were tapering off so we had an A.B.F. and headed home, it had been a lovely day and I'm sure a great success for the Viper Lounge and may there be many more birthdays to celebrate, we'll be there.
We actually got on the road quite early on Sunday even though Janet(dh) and I sat up quite late talking crap, I was drinking Johnny Walker Red, I don't know what she was drinking, Janet(wife) had gone to bed quite a while ago.
By the time we were halfway up the R27 the weather changed to cold, we stopped so Janet could put a jersey on and then raced the weather home arriving just after 09h00. What an enjoyable weekend so far we still had all of Sunday ahead of us, and I wasn't in trouble!


George Ferreira said...

looks like the ladies were having fun too. Nice legs for sure.

the rider said...

Hi George, thanks for stopping by - I think the ladies did have fun with the guys and they were real cuties too! It was a very well organised event and a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Had a good laugh here... love reading your blog Andrew....Nicky H.

the rider said...

Thank you Nicky that means a lot to me, I hardly ever get comments on my blog so when I see that my friends are reading and enjoying it I feel encouraged to keep going xxx