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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Steel putty mounting bracket

I wrote previously about the action camera that I had bought, well I've had a few problems trying to mount it onto the bike. I located a place on the fairing next to the windscreen where it would fit and I managed to attach one of the mounting brackets with a strong bonding adhesive, so far so good.
We went out for a test ride but the camera was very wobbly in the bracket and as I increased my speed the wind blew the camera out of line, I would be taking photos of the sky!
On Friday I purchased a pack of "Pratley Steel Putty" and made some serious modifications to the bracket, I took the bike outside onto the road and aimed the camera to get a good shot of the whole road and then I stuffed the putty all around the bracket so that it could no longer move.
The putty has set good and hard and now it can be filed, shaped and coloured black so that it looks like a one-piece bracket. (Pity the camera's blue - I didn't think about the colour when I ordered it!)
Sunday next week is the Annual Toy Run in Capetown, this will be our fifteenth consecutive run and I will definitely be using the camera then, what this means is that I have exactly one week to learn how to use the camera!
Looking forward to the Toy Run - I'll show you the photos..........I hope!

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