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Thursday, November 8, 2012


After our last ride together Janet decided that as my current photography technique is a bit dangerous and as she does not like taking photos, perhaps I should buy an action camera.
I must confess that perhaps my methods are not all that safe, maybe I should let you be the judge; Before setting off I put the camera's string loop around my right wrist and then drop the camera into my jacket sleeve and do up the velcro tab closing the sleeve.
Once on the road if I decide I want a photo I then engage the cruise control, leave go of the handlebars, undo the velcro tab and drop the camera out of my sleeve, take the photo or photos, drop the camera back into my sleeve, pull up the velcro tab and then disengage the cruise control - easy!
I had perused the action camera websites before but was put off by the prices, now with the member-in-charge's permission and encouragement I went back in and this is what I bought;
 The "Oregon Scientific ATC5K Action Camera" delivered to my door for just over R2,500.
It comes with a variety of mounting brackets and straps and appears to be aimed more at the bicycle crowd but I think it will be ideal for my requirements, it comes with a remote control and can take either video clips or stills and most important of all, it is water-proof. Certainly if it can take the rough treatment dished out by mountain biking it should easily be good for a touring bike.
This gives a better impression of the size, it apparently has a wide angle lens for those "group therapy" shots. There are several straps for attaching to the crash helmet but I think that tends to look a bit "dorky" so I am going to attach one of the brackets to my fairing just next to the windscreen with a strong bonding putty, this means that if I ever sell the bike the bracket will have to go with it, maybe even the camera!
We are riding this weekend so I'm hoping to get it fitted and tested and I'll share the results with you, watch this space.
I'm going to leave you with a photo that epitomises Cool - I borrowed this from "Spirit Leather" via "Bike Life" on facebook, I reckon that if it's out there on the social network then I can use it;
Come on, how seriously cool is that dude? Safety concerns aside you have to admit that that is really cool.

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