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Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1st 2012, Teyana's Restaurant

So here it is; 2012 - dammit the last one seems to have flown by, or that just me? I can clearly remember the last new year's eve party at the Viper Lounge with Linda and Janet and that doesn't seem so long ago!
No party for us this year, we had a quiet night at home opting rather for a ride out for lunch today. It was a nice hot day with a gentle breeze and we took the R27 route through to Velddrif where we popped into the "Ek en Jy Visserye" to wish Des, Marina, Leon and Christine all of the best for the coming year.
Des got raided by the Police who caught him selling beer without a liquor license so he was a bit "down in the dumps", someone in the same road had complained - he claims - out of jealousy, so now he is going to go through the legal channels to get a license. We sat for a while chatting, drank a beer (which we had taken there with us of course!) out of a styrfoam cup.
We had tentative plans for lunch so we said our goodbyes and saddled up, there is a little restaurant and bar; "Teyana's" on the banks of the Berg River just to the left of the bridge as you enter Velddrif, we had been there before some time ago and had enjoyed it so we decided to go there again;
 Perhaps it doesn't look like much from the outside, it is in amongst some factories but you can clearly see the colourful flags and umbrellas as you approach the town.
Sort of "Shabby chic." but the food is good and from the veranda you can sit and watch the boats going up and down the river.
We were able to park the big red machine right outside the front of the place, which I like. I'm not too happy when the bike is out of sight, but that's just a biker thing isn't it?
Right on the banks of the Berg River.
The place is casual, wooden tables and benches out on the veranda with an inside eating area if the weather is bad and also a bar area. It was fairly busy with groups of people coming and going throughout the time we were there. I ordered a Hake and Prawn Combo with chips;
It was delicious! The Hake was fresh, soft and succulent with a very light batter and the prawns were nice and firm, it came with a garlic butter sauce and a mayonnaise, I really enyoyed my meal and will certainly have it again.
Janet went for home made Steak and Kidney pie with chips and gravy;
A decent sized pie which she declared to be delicious, indeed she managed to eat it all herself, I didn't get anything off that plate!
We finished our meals and then sat for a while over a glass of wine enjoying the atmosphere and the sheer pleasure of summer on the cape West Coast.
Teyana's does not have an extensive menu and it is casual, it is not fine dining but it is value for money and good wholesome food such as the pies, burgers, light lunches and breakfasts and we will certainly be back.
Just look at that account, with the gratuity for the service which was certainly attentive and friendly it came to just over R200, that's R100 per person which we don't often get - you do the math.
We had a pleasant ride home, it's only about 60kms from Saldanha to Velddrif so no big deal but we did take a longer way round in the morning on the way out, a very pleasant outing and a lovely start to the new year.
Tomorrow we are having lunch with friends Tony and Laura at "Thali-thali", a restaurant in a nature reserve not far from here, we will have to go in the bakkie (ute/pick-up/van) though because it is a 3km rough dirt road into the bush to get there, I'll tell you all about it.

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BeemerGirl said...

Wow. The food looks delicious! You are correct, why do we bikers like to keep them in sight? ;)

Great start to a new year. Happy New Year to you.