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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Portuguese food at Beira Mar

We ended off the festive season with a visit to our favourite restaurant on the West Coast; Don and Connie's "Beira Mar" in Saint Helena Bay (0832560847) on Sunday.
I just know that this post is going to ellicit a comment from my friend GeorgeF who writes the very interesting blog; www.ridingtheusa.blogspot.com he was born in Mozambique, lived in South Africa for a while and now lives in the USA and he misses the Portuguese food, especially the prawns - sorry George! I started off with grilled Portuguese sardinhas on a bed of oinions and peppers, one of my absolute favourite starters although it was a difficult choice with things like grilled calamari tentacles and patagonicas (baby calamari tubes) also on offer but there's always next time!
Janet and I both opted for the prawns as our main course, they have a way of doing the prawns which makes the shell crispy while the meat inside is only just cooked, succulent and juicy with lashings of garlic butter sauce. I ordered ten and Janet ordered six and I think she only ate five anyway! That's one of the things I love about her; she doesn't eat all of her food so I either get extra at the restaurant or her leftovers go into my sandwhich for work!
Not a hell of a lot wrong with that, fresh prawns washed down with garlic butter and a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.
As I have this week off work I am about to leave on a ride with Frank and Danny and his wife Cat, (owners of the Phoenix bar in Vredenburg) on a round about ride of about five hundred kms ending up at the West Coast Hacienda where we will spend the night and then ride home tomorrow after breakfast - I'll let you know how it goes.


Baron's Life said...

Grilled sardines, rice and a fresh salad coupled with some cold beer would be my favorite meal any time. The shrimps look pretty good on that menu...next time save a doggy bag for me...! great post mate

Anonymous said...

You makea mee hungry!!!! - love those sardines!!!
Go well

Anonymous said...

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the rider said...

Hi Baron, thanks for the visit and the comment - those prawns are really good believe me! There's never a doggy bag!

Hi Dick, you gotta try those sardines at Don's sometime.

Third comment (?) thanks for stopping by.

Rhonda said...

I just fell in love with you! A man after my own heart, food, beer, and bikes! I'm headed to South Africa in June so I'll be checking in with often...

the rider said...

Hey hey Rhonda, thanks for the visit and the comment and I look forward to hearing more from you. If you need to know more about SA just give me a shout.

George F said...

You are right, I just love those sardines, you supposed to eat them with "Broa" a special kind of Portuguese bread, next time ask if they have the bread ;-) I just came back from a 11 day cruise to the Caribbean with 2 couples from South Africa, friends from school. Hadn't seen them in 26 years. One couple lives in Durban the other in Joburg :-) The couple from Joburg are riders too, BMW riders, they go all over the place. I'm planning a future trip to SA and will be doing a ride with them :-) I never visited the Cape, maybe I will have to take a trip down there :-) One day we will meet :-)

the rider said...

Hey George I thought you would like that post! I know you love sardines and prawns, man if you do get over to South Africa give me a shout I've got accommodation for you and I'll show you where we eat all the best Portuguese food!