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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Part two, the evening and the ride home next day

We moved straight into the pub at Marius' West Coast Hacienda to cool down, there was an air conditioner struggling to cope with the extreme temperature but the beers were cold. Frank made a bee-line for the bar maid but she left shortly after this picture was taken, perhaps one can't blame her?
Danny decided to lend a hand cleaning up the water dripping from the airconditioner before we started playing pool.
It was still very hot in the evening but once we had settled down and had a bit of refreshment it was easier to look back on the day's ride with enjoyment, then it was time for the games to begin.
We played a lot of pool right through the evening, my friend Johan who lives in the area also joined us for a couple of drinks and a few games.
We had a temporary halt in the games for supper, Frank had a massive pizza - half of which he managed to take home in his tank-bag the next day while Danny, Kat and I had the most amazing rump steak, the best I have had in ages.
The games resumed after dinner as doubles; Danny and I against Frank and Kat and I must say that Kat plays a pretty useful game.
This picture was taken at 1am when Marius decided to call it a day, luckily the pub stayed open with his son in charge but we moved the party outside just after 2am; Frank got his last round for the evening, came and sat down and promptly spilled his drink all over the table, oh well - it was about 3am, time to turn in anyway.
This horrible bloody thing was on the plastic chair outside our room, I had turned off all of the inside lights earlier so as not to attract any creepy-crawlies and after getting rid of this one I also turned off the outside light.
We all settled down for the night, Frank went into his room and I heard him shout; "Hey, where's my bloody pillow, who's taken my pillow? Oh ok here it is on the other end." It was going to be a long night!
I had a very restless night, it was just too hot and I was convinced every time a bead of sweat ran across my body that it was some huge insect! Frank was talking in his sleep and I could hear Danny snoring and by 6am I was up drinking coffee. Sunrise and the start of another very hot day, gradually everyone surfaced, seemingly none the worse for wear and we headed over to the dining room for a very good breakfast which went down very well indeed.
It must have been somewhere around 11am that we left the Hacienda and headed back along the coastal route, forty kilometres into the ride we pulled into the hotel at Eland's Bay for a beer, the closer we got to the coast the cooler it became with my thermometer registering 24 degrees. That is still warm but compared to what we had put up with it was very pleasant. Danny, me and Frank in typical pose in the bar at the Eland's Bay hotel.
A very pleasant ride ended up at my house for an A.B.F, Kat had been on my bike for the day so they needed to change over - she's not very keen on the GSXR I'm afraid.
It's a lovely bike for the rider but a very uncomfortable perch for the pillion passenger with nothing to hold on to.
Frank heading home after our ride. The whole trip had only been 527kms but the heat had made it seem a great deal more, it was one of those rides that we can look back on and remember the good parts, have serious discussions about what "Real bikers" we are and forget about the debilitating heat.

We will go back to the West Coast Hacienda, the food is great and the people are friendly, and because Marius is a biker himself they have special deals for bikers - give him a call on 0725379991 and go and have an enjoyable stayover.


Geoff James said...


I've got to admire your stamina at the pub mate! I'm well out of practice and would have fallen over long before, haha.

Those big crickets of yours are very similar to the NZ Weta, except the Weta can deliver quite a nip with its jaws if upset. Not poisonous though.

Keep up the good work!!!

Raftnn said...

I have to agree with Geoff on that one, you guys must be better drinkers than us kiwis Sounds like you had an awesome time... riding and parting with mates, nothing better.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew,
Sounds real good - you could start a "Hot Chili Run" or something like that as opposed to "The Polar Bear" - good read and can see frank has certainly not lost his "touch"
Ha Ha
Go well

the rider said...

Hi Geoff, it's all a matter of pace and having a good meal, but yes I do practise a lot!!

Hey Raftnn - of course we're better drinkers than you Kiwis! But you're right it was an awesome time with my mates.

Hi Dick, yes it certainly was the opposite of the Polar Bear run but just as much fun, maybe I'll get some more people involved next year!

Baron's Life said...

La Dolce Vita... down under...having beer for breakfast (11:00 am when most people are still asleep), water for lunch and waitresses for dinner...what else can anyone want for...?
Sounds like you guys and Ms. K had a wonderful time and trip...keep the good times and posts cumming...oops comming

Brady said...

For the moment we're in the wrong hemisphere. We're up to 40-something today and it feels downright balmy. (F of course) If I show up at your house will you turn me away? Ugh, there is February and March to slog through before any real nice weather shows up.

Nice post, I'm living vicariously through you south of the equator folk.

Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

the rider said...

Baron - thanks for the comment, you're right about la dolce vita - it's great here!

Brady - I've been reading about your weather up there, our winter starts around May but even then there are many days when we can still ride. I certainly wouldn't turn you away from my door, come and check out SA riding I have two spare bedrooms!