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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bikes, babes, beers and braais

It's all over now, the festive season I mean; ours was an eclectic mix of bikes, babes, beers and braais. We started with a braai on Christmas day and ended with a braai on New Year's day and the days in between were a jol.
Bikes; because we rode down to Capetown on the big red machine and we were supposed to win this Harley at the Viper Lounge on New Year's Eve. (okay we didn't win it and that might have something to do with the fact that I am not a Harley fan and would have sold it to redo Janet's kitchen!)
Babes; there were several at the Viper Lounge apart from the three ladies in my company, this young lady had a decolletage that was very easy on the eye. Janet and Linda surrounded her and pinned her down so that I could get the photograph!
Beers; I drank plenty - and in this picture I asked Jan to try and include the young lady in the miniskirt.
And braais; we were at Joe's house on Boxing Day for their traditional braai as well, so it was three braais in two weeks.
We started off Christmas with a quiet braai of Karoo lamb ribs as a starter;
Chicken leg and thigh quarters for the main course along with some boerewors from the Eastern Cape that Mike and Loretta brought down for us.
On Boxing Day we went to Joe and Annie for their traditional braai, it was a scorching hot day and Joe has one of the built-in brick braais which I hate, he tried his best to get me to do the food but I resisted and let him get on with it.
He sweated his butt off and produced a very enjoyable meal which all of his guests enjoyed and he ended off the afternoon by serving up some Irish Coffees.
We both had to work the next week but luckily Monday was a holiday so we could recover a bit, by Friday we were ready to party again and as I had four entries in the draw for the new Harley Sportster at the Viper Lounge we decided to spend New Year's Eve there.
If your name was drawn you had to be there to win, we don't normally do the party thing for New Year anymore but that seemed like a good enough reason to party and Janet and Linda decided to join us, I walked into the Viper Lounge with three ladies - cool dude! It was a good party, the disco was good and he played our kind of music most of the time, whenever he deviated and started playing youngster's crap we all sat down so that he got the message.
Then it was midnight and we all kissed each other and wished a Happy New Year and had another drink, I had primed my three ladies to project positive mental images; see me winning the motorbike, see Janet's new kitchen. It didn't bloody work! I couldn't believe it, I was actually convinced I was going to win.
But the winner was Connor Quinn, a friend of mine who at the time actually seemed a bit confused by everything that was going on, perhaps it was the late night and a few drinks, I will have to contact him and see if it has sunk in.
We finished our drinks and called our taxi, it was time to head home for an A.B.F. (if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know what that is.) The Three Must-get-beers; Janet, Janet and Linda in the taxi.
New Year's Day braai, we surfaced quite late and I was feeling pretty jaded but I managed to do a braai, first was my "split porkers" for a starter,
then I did some chicken sosaties, (kebabs) Linda also has the built in type braai like Joe and I'm sorry Linda (and Joe) but I hate these braais, you sweat your butt off cooking there and nobody can see what you're doing because you stand with your back to them. As far as I'm concerned a braai is a social occasion and your friends must be able to stand around your braai and see, and comment on, what you are doing. They must be able to steal tasty bits off your grid and build up an appetite while you are busy - but hey, that's just me.The chicken sosaties were delicious and then I did a fillet of beef for the main course. After a good lunch we had a very pleasant ride home.........that was our festive season but I now have a week off work so I will be doing a bit more riding, I think Frank and I will do a bit of a trip somewhere, watch this space my friends.
Let me take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy new year, I wish for you all that you wish for yourselves......and take care out there, because we care.


Geoff James said...

I commend your taste in Babes and food Andrew! I don't know about you, but the 2 kg which I put on through an excess of good food and drink over the festive season were an unwelcome present! Back on the pushbike for a while methinks!

All the very best for 2011 to you and your family.....

the rider said...

Thanks Geoff, Yes I'm afraid I have put on a bit more than 2kg and we have all the good intentions like getting out and walking more but it usually doesn't last!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew and Janet,
Happy New Year - its gonna be a good one - thanks again for the mussels and oysters they were enjoyed by many

the rider said...

Hi Dick, happy new year to you too, thank you and I too am sure it's gonna be a good year.