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Friday, January 14, 2011

Another good weekend

Usually we have a braai sometime during the weekend and quite often on a weekday evening if I'm home early enough to get it started, this weekend the weather was lovely, if a bit on the windy side but my back yard is quite sheltered so we decided to go for it.
First I prepared the vegetables; two gem squash and a potato (Janet is off starches), I cut the gems in half, dug the pips out and put a large dab of butter, a good sprinkle of aromat and black pepper inside and then put the two halves back together and wrapped them in tinfoil. My potato was spiced with butter, aromat and mixed herbs.
Whilst my wood was burning the vegetables start to cook, I just keep rotating them to get even cooking, they don't take long and by the time my coals were ready for the chicken they were already feeling soft.
I had earlier put the chicken portions in a dish, sprinkled them liberally with olive oil, onion flakes, garlic flakes, aromat (of course) and mixed herbs and I kept turning them to let them marinate.
Once the coals were ready I moved the vegetables to the side and placed the chicken on the grid, chicken needs good hot coals and the portions must be turned often, it takes quite a long time to ensure that it is cooked right through to the bone - not many people like their chicken medium rare! They soon started looking and smelling really good, gets the juices flowing! And there you have it, a simple but delicious weekend starter; braaied chicken and two veg.
By now you will all know that I am a Castle drinker but there was a Black Label promotion at our favourite pub, the Phoenix the other night and as there were pretty young girls handing out prizes I decided to drink Black Label - what is it with these young girls anyway?!
Sure enough my name was drawn twice and I won a Black Label tee shirt, a thing you wear around your neck to carry all sorts of things (I don't know if there is a name for them) and two cuddles.
Romeo (yes that is his name) gets a tee shirt and a cuddle from the two pretty young promo ladies, he does drink Black Label anyway. (Actually that's not his name, it's Johan but they call him "Casanova" - so I was close!)
Here I am with my key-thingy and my second cuddle, shortly after this photo was taken I went back to Castle though.
Not to be outdone Danny, the owner of the Phoenix got a cuddle too and then Allan (gums) of the Gypsy Jokers MCC also won a key-thingy. Where's his cuddle?
All in all a very pleasant evening and part of a good weekend, I'm hoping to go for a bit of a ride later today - the weather is good, the wind is not too strong so it looks promising, I'll tell you all about it.


irondad said...

I was cruising bike stuff and stopped here. What did I find? Food porn and attractive women!

That meal looked great. Never thought of seasoning the squash that way. Have thought of cuddling attractive girls, though.

the rider said...

Welcome Irondad, thanks for stopping by.

Fidel said...

Allan Gums...
Like a bad penny, always turns up.

Did a search on my old club, and got here.

Fidel, ex- Gypsy Joker