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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Annual Toy Run

Tomorrow is the annual Toy Run, an event that we look forward to each year. It was started in 1983 by the Italian Motorcycle owners club when something like ten motorcycles took part, now they are estimating that something like 65,000 motorcycles all over the country will gather on the same day to donate toys to needy children.
It says something about bikers doesn't it? Who else gathers to do something like that? The hatchback owners club? Any car clubs? Bikers will gather to raise funds for any brother in need, they gather to donate blood, they gather to give blankets to the homeless, they gather to donate pet food to the SPCA. Bikers are big hearted and will give generously to any deserving charity when called upon.
Tomorrow we will be taking part in our thirteenth annual run and I wouldn't miss it for the world, the feeling and the atmosphere created by the bikers and by the people who gather to wave and applaud us is heady stuff and it just feels so good to be there. The organisers are hoping to collect 30,000 toys this year and I am sure they will, the large majority of bikers carry much more than one toy and some bikes are absolutely festooned with them. We have a topcase full of toys, puzzles and colouring books as well as the obligatory teddy bear who will ride on the bike.

The local bikers are gathering for a mass ride down to Capetown so we will be riding with them, I am looking forward to another really enjoyable day with a nice lunch somewhere before the ride home, I will tell you all about it.


Geoff James said...

Looking forward to your report Andrew. We have a similar one in March on behalf of child cancer. Always a wonderful occasion.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew,
It was great - we went for a breakfast with Ulysses and then I rode ahead of the bikes from Century City and mingled with those from Ottery - plenty people and bikes - and lots and lots of toys - great day!!!!!! Go well