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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Braai and scooters

"Sunday mornin' coming down" - the bloody rain that is! "The beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert." (Thanks to one of my favourite artists, Kris Kristofferson for those words.) No riding today, it's just too miserable and I haven't even had a chance to wash the big red machine after last weekend's wonderful ride. Today is just going to be a stay at home and watch movies day. Janet is roasting a rolled loin of lamb for lunch, smells good already!
During the past week we were home early from work and it was one of those calm and warm evenings that we often get at this time of the year so I decided to do a braai.
First I prepared my vegetables; thinly sliced potatoes and butternut with chunks of courgettes, I placed them all on a large sheet of tinfoil (shiny side inside) and sprinkled liberally with olive oil, aromat, ground black pepper and mixed herbs and then sealed the package well.
As soon as I lit my fire I placed the parcel on the grid, I kept raking coals under it and rotated it often to distribute the heat evenly. The parcel was on the heat at least half an hour before I put the chickens on the grid. It is also best to carefully turn it upside down on the grid after a while to really distribute the heat evenly, try not to tear the tinfoil.
Next I "spatch-cocked" two whole baby chickens (the bigger one was mine!) and rubbed them well with peri-peri oil, sprinkled with aromat, garlic flakes and herbs and placed them over the coals. Chicken needs to be turned over often to ensure even and thorough cooking without burning, not many people like their chicken medium rare, we certainly don't!
This was dinner, the vegetables are similar to vegetables roasted in the oven but they have a much better, sweeter flavour when braaiied in tinfoil. Really enjoyable with a couple of glasses of cold Sauvignon Blanc.
And now for something completely different; Dick sent me these photographs and I have said in an earlier post that I am not a fan of scooters, but you really have to admire the work that went into these and the sheer artistry involved;Just look at the size of the saddle on this beauty, you could sleep on that!

Amazing paint job!
All lit up.
Another amazing paint job, and really stretched out!
Another really stretched scooter with a fabulous paint job.
Cool rider!
Amazing work has gone into all of these machines, incredible!
Stay on two wheels friends - in two weeks, on 2nd October we have the first "Ink and Iron Show" in Capetown, this has been going on in Jo'burg for a couple of years and they have decided to bring it down to the Cape so there is something for us to look forward to and I will tell you all about it.

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