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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Huge Dilema

Folks I have been presented with a dilema; BMW are bringing out a new R1200RT next year!!! I was of the opinion that the RT had been replaced with the RS and then the new 1300GT, both of which I didn't like for various reasons including the straight in-line engine and also the huge slab of plastic fairing on each side, ok they improved the 1300's fairing with an air intake that segmented that slab of plastic.
But the engine! I love that boxer engine, so I decided that my 2006 RT would stay with me for the next 15 or so years, or as long as I could still get my leg over. However we have done nearly 50,000kms already and many people say that it's time for an upgrade and now that I see that I can get another RT I tend to agree.
I quote from Motorcycle news; The R1200RT is one of the best tourers on sale. (but we already knew that didn't we?) The 2010 model will have a new double overhead camshaft engine which has 110bhp and 88ft lbs of tourque and now revs to 7750rpm. Whilst I know that the RT is not a superbike there are occasions when you feel like giving it a bit of a blast and Janet and I have travelled at 200kmh together and I have had it up to 220kmh on my own but that's it, you can feel that there isn't anything else there even though the speedo says 240.
We know that the RT will comfortably travel at 180-200kmh for hours because we have done that on our trip through the Karoo but just that little bit more "oomph" will make a huge difference.
There are other improvements including a better ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) system, a better fairing and windscreen and a better radio set-up (which I didn't go for anyway) so I look forward to seeing the new bike soon.
Here is my dilema; I can go for the upgrade, I can either sell the big red machine out of hand or use it as a trade in and pay in the balance, (not yet sure how much that would be, but quite likely in the region of R50,000) or I can do the Sturgis trip - but not both!
Do I go for the new model and enjoy the thrill of collecting a brand new motorbike? Enjoy it's improved handling and power around South Africa until I can no longer ride a bike and have to change to a sports car or do I go for the once in a lifetime trip to Sturgis USA, cruise the American by-ways on a Harley and come home with a few tee shirts, a thousand photos and maybe a tatoo? What a dilema! I will have to make my mind up pretty soon, Janet is leaving it up to me to decide - what do you think?


Canajun said...

Wow that's a tough one. Personally I think I'd opt for a new experience - a once-in-a-lifetime-trip I think you called it - rather than an upgrade. Especially if my current ride was more than adequate for my needs, if not my desires.

But then I'd REALLY make it a once in a lifetime trip because I'd know what else I was giving up to do it.

Of course I'd still change my mind a couple of dozen times between now and when I had to make a final commitment. That's what keeps it interesting.... :D

Anonymous said...

Most definatley go for the Sturgis. It's to late now to even think about a sports car. If you tried the car option you would only come to the realisation that you should have made the choice years ago. It's just to late?


the rider said...

Thanks for the comments Canajun and Dan, that's two in favour of the Sturgis trip. I'm tending to lean that way myself even though I think the new bike would be cheaper than the trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew, go for the once-in-a-lifetime trip.