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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day

Lovely sunny day today, quiet with a light breeze - just right for a motorbike ride. We didn't have a lot of time because we had spent most of the morning getting rooms and beds ready for our family's arrival tomorrow, but once we had got everything sorted out we got the bike out and headed off to get some lunch.
We decided to go back to the "Seafood Shack" in Velddrif, we had been there for lunch a couple of months ago and had enjoyed it very much. I count it as a victory whenever I can get Janet to go to a seafood place, she is not a seafood fan like me and this place has a very limited menu, Leon comes to the table and tells you what he is cooking.
The ride was very pleasant, I took the slightly longer way around just for a bit of extra time on the bike and we arrived at the restaurant at about 1 o'clock, both pretty hungry.
I parked the big red machine outside the rather understated front entrance of the restaurant and we went inside, I saw the advert on the chalk board on the way in and decided that that was for me. If you are dealing in USD that's less than $10, if you're dealing in GBP that's about 5.4 - even for us a very reasonable price, especially when you see the plate!

Lovely tender calamari and wonderful fresh hake, both done in a light beer batter - delicious! We had a bottle of wine with the meal and enjoyed a nice leisurely time chatting with the owners who remembered us from the last time, because of the motorbike.

When it was time to settle the account I produced my card only to be told that the machine was out of order, "Now you tell me!" I had to walk down to the ATM to draw some cash, as I was leaving I said to Leon "I'm leaving my wife here so if I don't come back you can have her." and he asked "What about the bike?" !!!!! Bloody cheek - no way was he keeping the bike! I went back.The previous day we had a wonderful Christmas buffet lunch with Frank out at "Beira Mar", here we are with the owners; Don and Connie and what a fabulous lunch that was. So far it has been a great weekend and tomorrow morning we are driving down to Capetown to pick our family up at the airport, very exciting! Watch this space.

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