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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday ride to the Riebeek valley

Sunday dawned clear and calm and although a "moderate" wind was forcast we headed out after our traditional spa bath, I was feeling relaxed and calm (and clean) and eager for the ride - I had been looking forward to it ever since Fungis suggested it at the rally the previous weekend. Frank was already at the meeting point and it wasn't long before Fungis and Graham rolled in.Fungis' dashboard clock wasn't set so he asked Graham to help him, they both ride the same bikes so Graham took out his book and they got busy, we chided them to get a move on, we didn't have all day! "There, spot on." said Fungis, "Now all I have to do when I want to tell the time is add on thirty minutes." Eventually we set off - thirty minutes early?! At least Fungis won't be late for anything!
It was a good brisk pace set up by Fungis and Graham with us third and Frank bringing up the rear and a thoroughly enjoyable ride. I tried to imagine if I didn't have the motorbike, if I had a car, would I be doing a trip like this? I don't think so, car drivers don't do things like this because it's no fun.
We followed Fungis through Riebeek Kasteel into Riebeek West where he pulled off onto the side of the road, "Where are we meeting the guys?" I asked. "I'm not sure, it's something to do with a pumpkin." answered Fungis, I had my doubts, I knew the town quite well and the only "Pumpkin" I knew about was in Barrydale some 200kms further.

Fungis decided to phone a friend, yes they were already at the venue "The Pleasant Pheasant" which we had passed a short while ago. Never a dull moment with Fungis around, we soon pulled into the familiar venue where he reckoned we were going for our "Holy Commotion!" The Riebeek Valley is an incredibly picturesque area and a very popular area for bikers on Sunday breakfast runs, there are always plenty of bikes parked outside the myriad little restaurants and taverns in the town. We met up with the Winelands Ulysses group and were soon joined by Dick and Janet who had ridden through from Capetown.
It was a very pleasant couple of hours, we had a couple of beers and a good laugh with a great bunch of people which more than made up for the very average breakfast and soon it was time for the ride home. We went back through Malmesbury and then hit the rather boring 80km long stretch of the R45 with a vengeance, barelling along at a comfortable 150 to 160kmh. At that speed it didn't take long before we were pulling up outside the "Buffalo Bar" again for the A.B.F.
Here's Frank and Fungis misbehaving again!
Two beers at the pub and we were on our way home, Frank had a plate of the rather great looking chicken potjie even though he had just recently had a breakfast, we would eat later. All in all a very good day and a nice end to a good weekend, I still have to tell you about the braai we had on Saturday - that will be my next post. We'll speak again soon.


Anonymous said...

To experience the wind in your hair without the claustrophobic helmet and yet still able to see and touch your partner as you pass the odd biker at 180km, is at my age probably something I will never do again. However can only be done in a car.

the rider said...

Thanks for the comment friend, I'm sorry to hear that you won't be able to travel at 180kmh again. I can certainly touch my wife while we travel, I can see her in my mirror and I don't find a helmet claustrophobic. As to you saying it can only be done in a car, I'm afraid I have to disagree there - there is nothing to compare with the feeling of absolute pleasure and freedom of a motorcycle on the open road.

Anonymous said...

I'll do 180k again but next time I just won't touch the wife. Gave me a hell of a lecture.


the rider said...

Hey Dan! Didn't know it was you, you're nowhere near too old to do 180kmh again!!! Did you sell the MG?