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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sturgis plans

Things are starting to happen - exciting things! Even though it's about 22 months until Sturgis 2011 we are getting things organised, and 22 months will flash past like time always seems to do. My good friend "BigH", Harry who lives in New Zealand now has indicated that he is working on meeting us in the USA to take part and my pool and riding buddy Frank is also keen to go. I was also contacted by "Karel" from Namibia, who reads this blog, about going along so it could be quite a group.
As I have a sister and two neices living in Portland in Oregon, that seems like a good place to start and having consulted an Atlas - the old fashioned way of checking distance - it doesn't seem to be all that much more that 1,500kms to Sturgis, a cool three day ride - or four days if we want to check out the scenery.
I have located and contacted an HD dealer; Paradise HD in Portland just to get an idea of what is required, so as I said - things are starting to happen. It won't be long before we are wobbling off on an unfamiliar motorcycle for a three day trip on the wrong side of the road!
If any of you friends out there have any advice please don't hesitate to give it, I will still have to investigate accommodation closer to the time but I am already getting that incredible feeling building up, the excitement leading up to a long motorbike ride. I sit poring over maps and pamphlets - drinking beer - and organising the trip, wonderful!
Frank and I resumed the FA Cup on Friday afternoon and I'm afraid he wasn't too happy with me as I managed to beat him 6 - 2. He'll still come on the ride though, I just hope that we don't end up like the guys in "Wild Hogs"! If we are riding through some open country and we come up to a pub in the middle of nowhere with 20 Harleys parked outside, do we go in?
It's going to be the adventure of a lifetime and I'm really looking forward to meeting my American blogger friends - we'll speak soon.


Canajun said...

Good to hear he ball has started rolling. You're in for a great trip!

simon wood said...

Hay Dad
Just been reading through a back log of your blogs. Great stuff - glad to hear you survived Mom's time away. Can't believe you have such a big following. Very cool.
Two months till we see you guys. Can't wait. Is there any red wine left?

the rider said...

Hey Si., so glad to see you have been reading my blog, trust me Son there will be plenty of red wine!