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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oysters, braais and bikes

This is where we were last weekend, in Spain on holiday - we flew out on Friday and had lunch at a private hacienda and then flew back on Sunday, what a lovely weekend!
You could almost believe that from that photograph couldn't you? Actually we were just across the lagoon at Langebaan with Rene' and Bronx, they had been given a weekend at a friend's holiday home and we went over for a braai lunch, I took the oysters and what a good lunch that was! It's a fabulous old place right on the beach and worth a bloody fortune just because of it's location and the fact that it's on a double plot, I wouldn't be able to afford to buy the place but hopefully we may be able to go there once in a while.
Here's a braai that I did the other day, sausages and miellies and to prepare the sausages I braai them over the coals, rolling them around until they are almost done, then I remove them and slice them open through the middle lengthwise. I then sprinkle the rare meat with Aromat and black pepper and place them back on the grid flesh side down and brown them well.
They are then delicious with Coleman's Hot English Mustard and the miellies which were done in tinfoil over the coals as I have mentioned in an earlier post.
When I first worked out this sausage recipe I was happy to do them at a braai at Joe's house and he and Annie really enjoyed them, maybe two months later Rene and Bronx came to my house and I decided to do the same sausages for them and as I was preparing them Rene' said; "Oh I see you have got Joe's recipe for the sausages, he did them for us last week." !!! Nice friends I've got!
Talking about motorbikes! I saw this lovely XS1100 on a recent breakfast run, we bought one brand new in 1982 - our first ever brand new motorbike - for R3000 and I fitted the same "Windjammer" fairing, although mine was a black one, what a lovely motorbike that was! We did our month long 8760km tour around South Africa on that bike in 1984, I'll have to tell you about that trip, but it was really good to see that old bike in such good condition.
I sold the Yamaha for R3500 in 1985 and bought a 1983 Honda Goldwing, I wish I could have kept it because it was a fantastic bike.
And again on a totally different note; our hero has just clinched his seventh world title! Just look at this picture, you cannot get a motorbike much lower than that! He has to keep his knee and elbow tucked in to keep them off the tar.
We all know what a brilliant racer he is, a genius on two wheels on the track but I would love to know if he rides for fun on his own; if he does, what does he ride? Where does he ride? Does he do breakfast runs, charity runs or rallies? So Valentino, if you are reading this (Yeah right!)..........

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