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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day four and the weekend

Thursday night I stopped at the Spur restaurant in Vredenburg and bought take away spare ribs and chips, couldn't be bothered to cook anything and actually it wasn't too bad. Climbed into the unmade bed after a couple of glasses of wine and slept like a baby.
Janet got back home late Friday afternoon and we went out to Pearly's in Langebaan for a meal, the conference had been alright, they had had a team building exercise on the first day involving a GPS, some co-ordinates up the mountain and some tasks to complete and Janet's team came first. Janet says that she felt muscles she didn't know she had and could picture herself slipping from the mountain path and rolling down the slope in an unladylike manner.
I pictured her standing up angrily at the bottom of the slope with three broken fingernails! That would have cost the company dearly, they would have had to have flown our friend Bronx to Durban to do the repair work immediately! I have to admit that it's good to have the wife back, I'm not designed to be on my own.
Saturday we decided to take advantage of a meal voucher that my buddy Frank gave us for "The Seafood Shack" in Velddrif, it was for one meal but what the heck, I was feeling generous and thought I would pay for Janet's meal. The name of the restaurant sounded good for me but I just hoped they would have something for her. As it turned out Janet really enjoyed her meal and even said that we can go back there! Lucky for her!
This the view from our table, past "Klaas" who is apparently a regular and you can see Leon and Christine in the kitchen preparing the meals. At the most they would be able to feed thirty
people so one would have to book.
I ordered sardines and wedges as a starter, and what a fantastic starter that was! Next time I am going to have it as a main course, the sardines had the skeleton taken out and they had been opened up and fried to perfection so that the skin and the remaining bones were completely edible, I was in my element!

This was all accompanied by a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and our mains were just as good, Janet had flaked smoked Angel fish on rice which she declared to be delicious and I had a hake and calamari combo done in a beer batter, and I can confirm that he used Castle for the batter!

What is great is that Leon comes to your table and tells you what he is cooking that day, you can choose from those items but there is no "A la Carte menu", wonderful stuff!
Doesn't that look good? All of you Cape readers go and try it out, give Leon and Christine a call on 022 7832405 - you won't be sorry, we're definitely going back and maybe we'll see you there.

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