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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Breakfast in Tulbagh

For some there's therapy, for us there's motorcycles.
When I looked outside this morning the sky was ominously heavy and grey, low clouds bulging with water threatened to ruin my day but I decided I was going anyway - To hell with it, I packed my rain suit in the pannier, said "Goodbye" to the ladies, Janet and Linda were going to have lunch somewhere together, and roared off to meet the day.
I was quite early at the meeting place, time to have a cup of coffee and as Janet was not with me I stood around and talked crap with my mates and examined the other motorbikes. KSU (Kick-stands up) at 0920, Frank hadn't arrived yet but Div said that he'd been involved in a serious session at the "Buffalo Bar" last night and might not make it! Maybe he would meet us later.
Seven of us on six iron steeds thundered happily out of the garage forecourt and soon we were speeding along the familiar R45 in a nice, tight staggered formation. Div took point and set the pace at an easy 140kmh, we took the bumpy, narrow R311 to Mooreesburg where we had a brief stop, by then the sky was clearing and the day was warming up, my thermometer had registered 18 degrees up until then which wasn't bad and there was no wind.After a brief stop we were on our way again, through the town, across the N7 and back onto the R311 to Riebeek West and Riebeek Kasteel. A popular area for bikers on breakfast runs and we stopped at one of the restaurants for a drink, my first beer of the day and whilst we were enjoying our refreshments Frank pulled in looking non too worse for wear, he hadn't been far behind us.
Willie and Div welcomed Frank into the group and offered him a dop but he opted for a cup of coffee! Soon it was time to move on again for the short ride to Tulbach, about 35kms through some really picturesque, lush valleys nestled in between mountain ranges with tongue-twisting names like; "Elandskloofberge", "Skurweberge" and "Witsenberge". All familiar and well loved riding country and it wasn't long before we were lining the bikes up outside the restaurant "Die Kuierbossie" in Tulbagh's main road.

It was a good value place, I had a big breakfast (brunch) and another couple of beers and the eight of us; Mike and Barbara, Willie, Div, Frank, Johan and Floors sat around in the shade of the verandah and enjoyed a leisurely meal and a good chat. What better way to spend the day than with bikers?It was a good, fast ride back to Saldanha, we split up in Malmesbury and I hauled ass along the 80km stretch to the R27. I sat at a steady 160kmh, thoroughly enjoying myself and after a really good day ended up at "Drunken Duncan's Buffalo bar" for an ABF (Absolute Bloody Final) where I was again joined by Frank, Div and Floors who all had the same idea!A good end to a good day's ride.

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