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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Batchelor diaries - part two

Ok day one is just about behind me, I managed alright with the microwave and the left over Chinese food which actually went down rather well and so far there are only a few plates and things in the sink, I won't have to use the dishwasher just yet. Pumi, our maid will be here on Thursday so she'll take care of some of those things.
I also cooked a chicken so that I have pieces to take to work and maybe tomorrow's dinner as well if I don't go out and get take-aways, or get the bike out and go to the pub for some ribs and chips.
I enjoy doing chickens in the earthenware dishes, they come out so tender and full of flavour, maybe it is because you cook them dry and they simmer in the natural juices. All I did with this one was rub it with a little Olive oil and then seriously sprinkled with Aromat, (and if you can't get Aromat where you are then it sucks to be you!) garlic flakes and mixed herbs. It was in the convection oven for an hour and fifteen minutes and I ate some of it as well, I couldn't resist it! I didn't bother with vegetables because here in South Africa, especially at braais, chicken is considered a vegetable but I have got a miellie in the fridge so maybe I'll cook that tomorrow night. Also I have plenty of beer and wine in the fridge so I am feeling pretty confidant that I will survive this trial.
Will I hear the alarm tomorrow morning? Janet normally wakes me up when the alarm goes off and I get up and make the coffee - this is nothing compared to when she was away in New Zealand for three weeks, how the hell did I cope then?
I suspect that I am not going to get much sympathy from the women who read this, they will be thinking that it will be good for me and that I will appreciate how much Janet does for me and this is true but I also do my share, I sure hope the guys are on my side though.
Now I'm off to bed............................................................alone!

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