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Friday, August 7, 2009

No riding yet

You will all no doubt be glad to hear that I won the FA cup this afternoon! Actually Frank was on form and I only managed to pull the decider once we got to 3 all, it was a very enjoyable afternoon with seven close games, lots of rude words and a couple of cold beers. Another great afternoon at the "Rooikraans" pub.
Don came in for a beer, just back from a holiday in England, he's the owner of "Beira Mar" restaurant which you will have read about in earlier posts and which he is re-opening at the beginning of September, there's something to look forward to!
We are hoping to go for a ride on Monday, it's a public holiday but we're not sure about the weather yet so we'll see. I will have to wash the bike again, I washed it before last week's short cruise but because it's now Spring there are gazillions of insects about and my windscreen and headlight are plastered with multi-coloured splotches, can't have that!
I see from my Neo counter that I have picked up a reader from Zimbabwe - cool! I hope he comes back, I am an ex Rhodesian so it would be good to hear from him, leave me a comment brother.
Here are some more out of Africa pictures, and apparently this one is from Zimbabwe;
How's that for loading a bakkie? Obviously with the fuel shortage there they had to share transport, but man I can't see that vehicle lasting very long! Here's another one which was taken on the main road from Johannesburg to Durban in the early hours of the morning when the driver was hoping to avoid the traffic cops, can you imagine what this bakkie must have felt like in a corner?! I wouldn't have liked to be driving it that's for sure. Man you just gotta love Africa, there's so much going on here.
For any of you living in this area or the Cape, we had a good dinner at the "Buffalo bar" in Vredenburg on Thursday so give it a try, we both had peri peri chicken livers as a starter and it was excellent! Many restaurants over cook the livers but they didn't and the sauce was great. I then had a very good T bone and Janet had the rump steak, a good pub meal with a bottle of red wine and the bill came to R176 - you do the math, excellent value and we'll go back.
We are going down to Capetown tomorrow to visit Dave and Nikki, will stay over with them and then back on Sunday for an oxtail pot lunch with friends here in Saldanha - life is good man!

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