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Friday, August 21, 2009

Looking forward to the weekend

Any of my friends reading this will know that the first paragraph of the last post entry was a bit of bullshit, poetic license maybe? Firstly I don't have long hair, so I couldn't shake my hair loose from my helmet and secondly my gaze is not often "steely", it's usually bleary! As for the babe, you can think what you like.
The good news is the weather seems to be clearing! As I write this I can hear guys playing on motorcycles, don't you just love the distant sound of a bike racing up through the gears? I do, I always send out a "Ride safe Bro." message to the unknown road warrior.
I will be back out on the bike again soon, and hopefully for a longer ride than just a local booze cruise, but not this weekend. This weekend we will be braaiing, I have planned a Snoek braai for Saturday lunch so I'll show you photos of that in my next post, looking forward to that there's not much to beat a good fresh Snoek on the braai. In keeping with my "Out of Africa" pictures here's a good one of a happy bunch of kids making good use of an old VW Kombi, I hope they are careful with that fire!
I'm off to meet Frank shortly for another round of the incredibly exciting and crowd pleasing FA cup pool competition, a couple of cold beers and a few games of pool with my biker buddy goes down very well, I will let you know how that goes as well.
Enjoy the weekend, we'll talk again soon.


Christie said...

The 1st paragraph of the last entry made me laugh and I did think 'you wish!' (to the long hair and the girl!)

Speak to you soon

Baron's Life said...

Hey...I enjoyed reading your blog na will be back cause we have the same blog phiolosophy...mine is to show Bikers have a lot of interests and can be interesting people.
I have put your link on my blog (hope that's OK with you)
Cheers mate

the rider said...

Christie you know me too well!

Baron's Life - thanks for checking in, and I'm really glad you put my link on your blog and I'll be reading yours too thanks very much.