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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sadza balls!

Just got back from Capetown, well actually we pulled in at "The Buffalo" for a couple of cold ones before coming home, had a great ride. When we left yesterday morning it was seriously cold and overcast and I considered going down in the bakkie, glad we didn't because as we were hauling it down the R27 the sky started clearing and we settled into a nice relaxed cruise. I didn't want to go too fast because I still haven't paid the last speeding fine that I got on that road!
By the time we arrived in the outskirts we were both good and hungry so we stopped at the "Viper Lounge" for a beer and a breakfast, R45 for two eggs, sausage, mushrooms, bacon and toast - good value as far as I'm concerned. We browsed around in the shop and I ended up spending R1200 on a new "Cortech" denim bike jacket and what a nice jacket it is, it will make a big difference on next week's Polar bear run. Unfortunately they did not have one in Janet's size but they are going to try and get one.
We had a nice evening and Linda's oxtail pot was very good, had a good time with our friends and this morning I made breakfast out of the left over "sadza" that I told you about;As you can see the sadza is a stiff "porridge" made out of the maize meal, make small balls into which you push a small block of cheddar cheese, wrap a strip of bacon around them and pin it with a tooth pick and then grill them, turning often until the bacon is cooked. The cheese melts and the bacon fat soaks into the maize meal - delicious and decadent!
What I did notice, and a friend also pointed out while we were at the pub is that I am going to have to get a new back tire before the Polar bear run, it is a Bridgestone Battlax and I have done just over 11000kms on it which about par for the course the way I ride, it may be good for another couple of hundred but we are going to do about 1000kms so I'm not taking any chances.
I will give the bike a good wash during the week, check the tire pressures when I get the back tire done and make sure that everything is good.
This afternoon Janet asked "What time are we leaving next week?" I said "I will check but I think we have to be at the gathering point to leave at 0830." to which she replied, "Well I hope we do leave straight away and not stand around for an hour talking crap and looking at the bikes like you guys always do."
Here we go!


Anonymous said...

Sounds excellent. Reminds me of armadillo eggs; Chicken wrapped in half a jalapeƱo and bacon then grilled. Alternate version you substitute cheese for the chicken.

Ride on,

IowaHarleyGirl (Stephanie) said...

Those sound very sinfully yummy!

the rider said...

Thanks for the comments Torch and Stephanie. I like the sound of those Armadillo eggs, not so easy for us to get fresh jalapeno here though.