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Monday, June 8, 2009

Winter blues

Because it is now officially winter here and we have to be vigilant, we have to pounce on any good days that happen along, Janet was getting so desperate to get out in the wind that she resorted to her old regular means of transport!When we do get to do some quick rides I like to park the bike strategically outside which ever restaurant that we are visiting so that it can be admired by all and sundry and I can also keep an eye on it, if you are a biker you will know what I mean!Here we are at "Die Vishuis" (The fish house) restaurant in nearby Veldriff, a very pleasant and picturesque place to spend an hour or two over a leisurely lunch.
On one of our visits to "Vlakvarkgat" I was introduced to the barman's pet Albino Rock Python, fortunately I am comfortable with snakes, but equally fortunately he was not a collector of spiders otherwise it would have been a different story!
Joe was with us at the time and he said "Andrew, what if the bloody thing bites you?!" and he was backing away as he said it so I knew that if it did bite me he was not going to be of any help! He was also not interested in holding it.

This was taken at the (also nearby) fishing village rather romantically called "Paternoster", and here we were at the Paternoster Lodge, also a very good place for seafood. As I have said before I feel very lucky to live in this area, not least of all because I can get really good fresh seafood. In the Crayfish (Rock Lobster) season one is able to buy fresh Lobster from the local fishermen, literally at the side of the road.

Cheers for now!

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Mr. Motorcycle said...

Beauty is in the eye of the Beer Holder. I love it!