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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Such a good day

The day started off with a spa bath and a bottle of JC Le Roux sparkling wine and for once there was no argument about who had the most wine, the "lady" (and I use the term loosely) accepted whatever I poured with no argument. This actually puts me at a disadvantage because I immediately become suspicious, am I actually getting less than her? I check again to make sure. No, it looks alright, she leans back with a smug smile and I get worried, what am I missing here?
By the time we have finished the bottle I feel quite sure that it has been evenly distributed and anyway by then we are feeling pretty laid back, but I can't relax too much because there is always next weekend. It's a tough life!
Janet went through to the bedroom to do whatever it is that women do to make themselves beautiful and I knew that I had a good hour or two before she would come through.
I put my AC/DC music on, now this really moves me, I love the intensity and the guitar riffs and the "violence" of the lead singer and I was doing some air guitar moves in the lounge and after a while I went through to the bedroom and asked Janet what she thought.
I was mortified when she said "It must be AC/DC because it's shit, I was going to close the door."
I need to sit down here for a while!
We had lunch at Beira Mar, there were six of us; Div and Sue, Frank and Dianne and us with Don and Connie joining us after they had fed everyone, what a great afternoon we had and we have arranged that all the same people are going to come to our place on Friday 12th for a farewell to Don and Connie before they go off overseas for three months. Should be a gas and we'll let you know.
I helped Don start his blog and you need to check it out, let's hope he gets it started; www.beiramarrestaurant.blogspot.com

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