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Friday, May 8, 2009

Sparkling wine and seafood

Okay it's Saturday morning and we are in the spa bath, I have poured the sparkling wine into the glasses and already there is an altercation. Before I go into the details I must point out that we no longer have our usual wine glasses because Janet broke hers, now I had to find two other matching glasses to use. Immediately there was the "discussion"; who has more wine?
I would really like some assistance here, those of you who are still reading this stuff (is anyone still reading it? I haven't had any comments for ages.) Please tell me which glass is half full and which one is half empty. I really try to be fair, I tell Janet that her glass has lots of bubbles and each bubble consists of sparkling wine, as they burst the level in the glass rises so gradually her glass will fill up if only she would wait a bit. Does she listen and wait for the bubbles to burst? No, so what do you expect? Of course her glass appears to have less wine in it. Let me know what you think.
It has been an interesting week on the mussel farm, generally good weather and actually quite pleasant, yesterday we started out with an incredibly heavy fog and I found out later that it was pretty extensive, all the way down to Capetown and along the south coast.
We have a bit of a problem with the Mussel Cat, our farm vessel, in that we cannot use a compass because the vessel is made of steel with a big hydraulic crane in the bows. We have tried all sorts of things to mount a compass but to no avail, I know that a GPS would work but as we travel only between the mussel farm and the jetty, a distance of some five kilometres, it isn't really necessary.
The vessel in the picture is one of De Beers diamond dredgers which is in the bay for some refit and it is about two kilometres from the jetty but off in a different direction. We set off from the jetty and headed in what we thought was the right direction and travelled for some fifteen minutes, I was standing in the bows trying to spot lights to direct the Skipper when I saw those dim lights glimmering through the fog, at first we didn't know what it was so we approached cautiously and realised we were way off course! No problem, we decided we would follow the "Mytillus" she has a compass, so off we went, but the skipper headed off too fast and soon we lost sight of her! I managed to call him to slow down and eventually we found the farm but we had been travelling for more than half an hour when the trip normally takes ten minutes! Never a dull moment.
I told you about the white clams that I get at this time of the year, I will start collecting them and we will have some nice pasta dishes; This is the average size but I occasionally get them a little bigger, they make a delicious snack just as they are, they are creamy and sweet and I eat quite a few of them during the course of the morning.

I couldn't resist adding this picture, I also had a couple of these with my lemon juice and tabasco sauce - when I come to think of it I really do have quite a cool job!
It is now Sunday morning, it's a beautifully warm clear day, one of those really good days that we get every now and then through the winter and we are going for a ride. I have booked for lunch at the Oyster Catcher in Langebaan, they have a seafood buffet now so I will let you know what it is like. I love seafood so I am looking forward to lunch, I tell you I am so bloody healthy that when I die they are going to have to beat my heart to death with a stick to stop it beating!

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up!

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