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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Smoorsnoek and the FA Cup

It's Saturday again! Cool. The weather's not so great but I'm sure there will be some saddle time. 1st prize in the lotto is a guaranteed ten million tonight, get out and buy a ticket - damn what I could do with that! Maybe the first 2 mil would go on the new Aston Martin Vantage.
I've got some cool Country muzac playing; Toby Keith - instead of my favourite Rock and Roll, our spa bath went well this morning with no "discussions" on who had the most bubbly in their glass so it's going to be a relaxed day. I feel like doing some work out in the back garden so I think I will just sit quietly with a beer until the feeling goes away.
Last Tuesday I braaiied a snoek for our friends Lizzie and Miles and the two youngsters and it was a lovely fresh fish, obviously braaiied to perfection and I forgot to photograph it! I think what happened was they were a bit late and Janet and I had a couple of glasses of wine and time just flew past (in a blur). Anyway I will be doing one again soon because they are at their best in the winter, lovely fat belly covering (pretty much like mine!) and delicious.What I'm getting to here is that last night we made "Smoorsnoek" with the left-overs and it was delicious, just like we used to make when we were running the "Psarra" restaurant at Club Mykonos, brought back some great memories. The thing is this kind of meal can be made with just about any kind of left over fish;
First fry some rough chopped onion in a little cooking oil until they are translucent and then add a few (2 or 3 depending on the number of people and the amount of fish) potatoes chopped quite small, keep stirring these around until they are soft and then add the left over fish which you will have caused the wife to debone and flake up into small chunks.
Add a small amount of peas and keep stirring until the fish has warmed through, add salt and pepper to taste, spoon out over a mound of rice and place a good pat of butter on top, this is a really tasty meal and even Janet will eat it.
We were able to resume the FA Cup yesterday after a three week gap and I won 4 - 3! It was a good competition, Frank took the first two games and I was thinking that I was not going to be in it but I managed to dig deep and won the next two, I'm telling you this is edge of the seat stuff and should be televised! Frank won the next one after I had sunk all of my balls and had then moved the black ball right next to the centre pocket, he still had four balls left and I thought I was safe but he played four fantastic shots and then sunk my black!
You should hear the language between the two of us, sometimes you would be excused for thinking we were enemies! Anyway I managed to take the next two to secure the win. I keep records of all of our games and one of these days I will publish the results.
See you out on the road - I hope.

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