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Monday, May 11, 2009

Flat hair at a seafood buffet

Sunday was another of those wonderful sunny winter days, (not like it was today, cold and windy a total opposite but we won't dwell on that!) We left home at about 10h30 and by then I was already starving, I had booked a table for 12h30 and the idea was to cruise around for two hours with maybe a beer in there somewhere. If not, why not?Janet said I should take a look at her before she wore her crash helmet so I took a photo and off we went. It was such a lovely day for riding and we just cruised through Vredenburg and out to Velddrif, I took it easy because we weren't in any hurry, from Velddrif I carried on across to take the bumpy but interesting road that runs through to Hopefield. It runs alongside the Berg river for most of the way and from quite a few points on the road you can see the river as it twists and turns it's way down to Laaiplek.
It is not a fast road because it is so rough but the BMW's excellent suspension smoothed it out for us, on the Goldwing I wouldn't even have bothered going along there. Soon we joined the R45 at Hopefield and then headed back towards the R27 and "Vlakvarkgat" for a cold one.
The place was relatively quiet but the Lamb spit which they do for lunch on Sundays was on the go and certainly it would fill up. The beers were cold and we relaxed in the warm midday sun and chatted, passing time until we could go and eat!
Here's Janet after an hour in her crash helmet, maybe someone could make a lot of money designing a big bulbous helmet for women, something that wouldn't flatten their hair!
After our very relaxing beer break we got back on the bike for a short ride through to the "Oyster Catcher" restaurant in Langebaan, we have been there several times and I have always enjoyed the seafood meals that I have had there, especially the sushi so I was looking forward to a seafood buffet.
I parked the big red machine strategically right outside the front of the place where everyone could appreciate and admire it, especially me!
We were the first ones there, which is usually what happens but then we get the fresh food first! We had a nice bottle of Theuniskraal Riesling and relaxed over a leisurely lunch.

It was a great spread for only R95 per person and I really enjoyed it; Hake in batter, calamari rings and strips, mussels with garlic crumbs, snoek samoosas*, prawns, french loaf and freshly baked bread, vegetable stir fry and a green salad. There was no restriction on how much one could eat and I must admit that I ate a lot of prawns, the only negative aspect for me was the fact that most of the other items were deep fried in batter but definitely a bargain.

*Snoek is a west coast favourite fish (Thyrsites atun), called a barracuta around New Zealand where it is not eaten but only used for bait, and a samoosa is a triangular deep fried pocket made out of crispy pastry usually containing various flavoured meats, originally of Indian origin.

We will be back!

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