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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cape of storms

Friday's weather was not good, it started out cold, wet and windy and while we were moving the harvesting barge into position I could feel the northerly picking up. We would have to get the work done quickly and get the barge back onto its mooring before the storm.
Luckily the orders for the day were not too big and we were able to get finished by 10h00, even then we were being lashed by heavy rain. Even in the unpleasant periods it can be beautiful out there. We got the barge secured and everyone safely ashore and called it a day, we'll see what the weekend brings.
It was a serious cold front that passed the Cape during Friday night and Saturday, we drove down on Saturday morning and went through some of the heaviest showers that I have driven through, we were both grateful that we were not on the bike!
By Saturday evening the storm seemed to have passed and Sunday was actually quite pleasant, there was also no sign of the heavy swells that were forecast, maybe they are still coming.
We have now got some friends arriving from UK; Miles and Lizzie with their daughter and son in law, they will be with us for ten days so it looks like the big red machine we will staying in the garage for a bit longer. I'm hoping to be able to do a good few braais for them if the weather permits.
Remember this; motorbikes are better than girlfriends - because your Mom doesn't keep in touch with your old motorbikes!

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