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Saturday, May 23, 2009

10 Commandments for bikers

It's Saturday and I have a lodge meeting this afternoon so I can't plan anything for the day but I am going to join up with Janet and our friends Miles and Lizzie, Matt and Louise at Beira Mar for dinner, looking forward to that. Tomorrow we have a bunch of people coming for lunch and weather permitting I am going to braai, I'm planning some fresh mussels in a creamy ginger sauce, rump steak tasties and de-boned leg of lamb (again!). I won't be able to blog that because you've all seen it before.
Janet has just brought me a Portuguese bread roll filled with fried bacon! Delicious, messy lunch.

Yesterday was a lovely day and I had the afternoon free so I took the big red machine out for some exercise, I was alone so I got her to pose for me, isn't she lovely?

You have to appreciate those graceful yet aggressive lines - I had thought about upgrading to the new model but it just isn't as good looking in my opinion anyway I love this bike, she's a keeper.

I had an enjoyable cruise around locally and then I went to the supermarket car park to practise some riding skills for a while, there is a large empty car park off to the one side where I was able to practise full lock turns, U turns and figure-of-eights for a while. Desperately careful not to drop the bike! There was nobody around but still I don't want to scratch the paintwork, I'll get Janet to take some photos and maybe a video clip so you can see what I'm doing, although that will probably be the time when I do drop the bike!

Let me end off with the Ten Commandments for bikers, I thought this was quite amusing;

1 Thou shalt customise truly and with feeling and not just buyeth any crap that hangeth on the shelf.

2 Thou shalt groweth mind altering vegetation for thine own sake and for those less fortunate than thyself.

3 Thou shalt not taketh any shit.

4 Thou shalt not tell drunken lies to ugly women in order to bed them, they will expect the same from all of us.

5 Thou shalt lie profoundly to beautiful women for thine own ends, it maketh it easier for the rest of us.

6 Thou shalt decorate thine mangy hide with offensive pictures.

7 Thou shalt always plead "Not Guilty!" truly and with feeling.

8 Thou shalt washeth when the occasion demandeth it.

9 Thou shalt rideth at every opportunity whilst thou art still able to get thine leg over.

10 Thou shalt not sleep whilst the beer floweth, the music playeth and the strippers danceth.

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