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Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad weather

Well it has been a really terrible week with some seriously bad weather. Since we had our last braai we have had some very bad storms and I am so tired of winter, it has been raining like hell and I have only managed to start my bike's engine in the garage. It seems like ages since I took the big red machine for a ride.
For goodness sake I run a mussel farm, it must be the only farm that doesn't need rain!
There are a couple of bike runs organized for the early part of October, one being a dart run which we haven't tried yet - it is similar to a poker run where you get given a card at five different pubs, only on this one you throw one dart at each different pub. Well if I had to throw a dart at a pub I might have a chance! It's trying to throw a dart at a dartboard where I'm going to have trouble, I normally have to play on the girl's team.
We went to visit Dave on Sunday and he is doing well, he is very positive and is managing quite well in his wheelchair and his walker but with a lot of help from Nikki. I couldn't help feeling a bit queesy when he was telling me about all that he has been through so far and I think there is still a lot of painful therapy to come.
I haven't got a lot to tell yet but I will hopefully have more soon, the big red machine has been cleaned and polished and needs to go for a ride, even if it is just to the Blue Diamond.
We'll speak again soon.

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Christie said...

Hey Dad - if they start a competition throwing darts at pubs can I play too?