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Saturday, August 10, 2019

A heartwarming story of caring bikers

I'm passing on a story that I read online, a heartwarming story out of Brakpan just outside of Johannesburg by people I don't know, but I do know that they are my kind of people, they are bikers. This is a tragic story because it concerns the death of an eight year old little girl and of her brother who decided that he wanted bikers involved in her funeral.
The group "Wings of Wardship" put out a notice calling for any bikers who were available to take part and they arrived in numbers!
Bikers formed a noisy escort for the funeral procession and provided a "helmets-up" line of honour for the little girl's casket.
Rest in peace little Amalia Greeff, sincere condolences and strength to the family and friends and well done to the bikers who took part in this ride of love.
(from pictures online by Cobus Zeelie)


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