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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We attend the Megaforce back patch party

Being President of a bike club means a lot of work, running a club and being responsible for organizing events takes up a lot of time but it can also mean getting some advantages that ordinary members do not get, for example I was called upon to act as "ladies tee shirt duster" during the ladies brick lifting competition at the Megaforce back patch party on Saturday. I know, right! I performed my duty with the utmost diligence.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.
At 13h00 thirteen members of the club gathered for a drink, along with Gypsy Jokers members who would also be attending the event at the Phoenix biker bar in Vredenburg, at about 13h30 we rode in a group a short distance down the road to the Rooikraans bar where the event was taking place.

The Megaforce brotherhood is already a national group with it's head in Pretoria, there has been a moratorium in place for the forming of new clubs and chapters so they had to wait before being able to officially form the Westcoast Chapter and wear the westcoast back patch. This period had ended and this was the occasion that we were attending.  

On our arrival "Weskus Kallie" was entertaining the crowd inside and the games were about to start in the beer garden. The joint was buzzing, most local clubs were well represented.
"Weskus Kallie"
Hot day, shade at a premium

They started off with a ladies "brick lifting" competiton and there are some tough biker ladies!

and this was where I came in. They had to do several lifts with one more brick getting added each time, the competition was eventually won by a Megaforce lady.
Janet, Murray and Kathy enjoy a joke
Nice afternoon, good booze prices

Then it was time for the official patching to take place which was carried out by the National Vice President who had come down from Pretoria for the event.

Petrus, the President was first to receive the colours
followed by Romano, the Vice President.
Sgt at arms
other officers and ladies

The proud Pres gives a short speech
after which he had to drink a strafdop!

We will be seeing these new Megaforce Westcoast back patches at all the events and jols in the Western Cape for sure, mark my words. They have already attracted a lot of new, younger members and they already have a vibrancy and dedication about them.
Congratulations guys and girls, it was a very enjoyable event and very well organized and we look forward to sharing the road and the jols with you.

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