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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

First official breakfast run for 2019

This past Sunday was the first Sunday in January 2019 and therefor scheduled as a breakfast run day. I posted the details on the whatsapp group but didn't expect many people to be able to attend because many were still on holiday or still had visitors etc., but I did get a few takers so the ride was on.
As has become usual we gathered at Juffoushoogte, this time Janet and I made it just before time, got delayed for some reason and I was extremely gratified to see that there were already eight bikes parked outside and then Daan and Bev arrived just after us, ten bikes - lovely.
What was also particularly good to see was that there were five "visitors" riding with ten of  us, this was going to be a good one after all.

We set out onto the R27 and headed south just after 09h00, we were keeping the run "coastal" due to the heat so we were going to the small seaside town of Yzerfontein which is approximately half way to Capetown. I settled into a relaxed, grin-inducing cruise around 120 to 130kmh as one of our visitors was on a smaller bike and hasn't been on many breakfast runs. Janet also loves cruising at a sedate pace, says she can enjoy the scenery better. 
Just before the West Coast National Park there is a nice long layby and I led the group into it for our traditional "tea break". 

When I told our guests we had stopped for a tea break some of them were quite confused, "Who has the tea?"
David, who hadn't been on our breakfast runs before looked quite perplexed until he saw Janet pouring, then he caught on.
Etienne moves in
Janet pouring the tea

Johan, one of our visitors, made sure there was no waste.
On the left, Flip a new rider looking for a club

From there a short ride down to "Die Stal", a restaurant and biker friendly pub on the outskirts of the town, we parked up and went into the shaded garden area.

Guys were being a bit cautious with drinking, we had passed a breathalyzer roadblock on the R27 on the way down and plans were being made as to how to by-pass it on the way back, it looked like if we all turned into the service station we would be alright because they were set up just after the entrance.
Don't know if that would work but we also discussed hitting it in a big group, all stick together.

There were already quite a few other bikers at the place when we arrived and a large group of Megaforce riders came in just after us.
 Megaforce, a great bunch of hard riders who seem to have attracted quite a lot of new young members. Going from strength to strength.
A pretty smile from an attractive woman

The buffet breakfast wasn't that great, the best was the "miellie pap", I'll try menu items next time. From there a few of us rode through to "Oliphantskop" in Langebaan for a drink with the Megaforce guys. Thankfully the roadblock had either packed up or moved somewhere else, we didn't see it on the way home either.
It had been a very nice morning out, it's just so good to get out on the bike for whatever reason. I'll have to call another Book Club meeting soon. Stay safe out there and let's all have some good riding this year.
(Remember to click on the pics to see them full size.)


Mfhairstream said...

Happy New Year. Hope you guys stay safe in SA.

the rider said...

Thank you very much friend, happy new year to you too.

Trobairitz said...

Happy new Year! And a great fist breakfast ride it looks like!!

the rider said...

Hi Brandy, yes it was our first official breakfast run, a group of club members and riders from other clubs did go out on a ride the previous week but we were away so we weren't able to join in. Our official breakfast runs are on the first Sunday of each month but if anyone feels like a ride at any other time they just post on the whatsapp groups to create a ride or join in with other riders.