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Monday, January 8, 2018

January breakfast run - without us

So as you know we are in the UK with our family at the moment and having a good time but I am following the activities of my other family back home; the members of the Meeulanders MCC and I see that fourteen of them went out to "DuVlei" restaurant in the Riebeek valley for the January breakfast run last Sunday - I'm jealous and my motorbike is standing in Craig's garage.
When I saw earlier postings on our "Whatsapp" group that they were planning to go there I was thinking; "Oh man you're going to be sorry!" because usually January in the western cape is very hot, last year we went to Darling which is only about 25kms from the coast and the heat and humidity was stifling, the Riebeek valley is more than 100kms but from the photos it looks like they lucked out, it was overcast and apparently quite pleasant although those that went through to Capetown afterwards got quite wet!
They gathered at our usual starting place; Juffroshoogte for coffee and as several were traveling by car Johlene collected everybody's "Uncle Frank" so that he could also go for breakfast, he no longer rides a bike so it was lovely of her to include him, but she's like that; a lovely caring lady.
Here he is in the car park chatting with "Cactus Jack" who often misses breakfast runs because of shift work, however work unfortunately takes precedence - unless you're retired!

 It was also good to see that Louis was back on his bike having recovered, rather quickly from a broken wrist, but you can't keep a biker down and Louis is a tough guy. In the other picture is Murray and Laureen arriving at DuVlei on their recently acquired GS.
 They got tables out on the verandah, we've all been there for breakfast before, in fact it is a popular place for bikers from all over the western cape and sometimes pretty crowded at breakfast time.

Monika and Gerrie were there, as well as Bev and Daan accompanied by his sister, they all traveled by car as well.
Kathy and Sampie (centre) were also there proudly sporting their recently acquired colours, I'm very proud of this club, jealous that we weren't there too. Last year I managed to attend every breakfast run, this year I will only start from the April one, I hope they missed me?
Ride safe everyone.


Trobairitz said...

I am glad you managed to pilfer some pictures of the ride.

I am sure you were missed, but are enjoying your holiday.

the rider said...

Yes Brandy we are enjoying our holiday, I follow my friends with interest and envy though. It's different here, pretty wet and cold most of the time but I still see quite a few bikes on the road, especially over the weekends. It's the sort of weather that would put us off riding but here the guys take advantage of any days when it doesn't actually rain.