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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Winter blanket run, a bit late but better late than never

We managed to co-ordinate the winter blanket run with this morning's biker church service, a month late due to a mix up with the West Coast Motorcycle Association's sleepover last month but it is now winter and the blankets will be welcomed by those in need.
It was cold and wet this morning when I saddled up for the (thankfully) short, 13km ride through to the church in Vredenburg, it was raining slightly and the temperature was a low 12,5 celsius (55f) but even so it felt great to be out on the bike, I must say that the RT is running very sweetly and I was enjoying myself in spite of the conditions as I cruised up the relatively quiet road.
I arrived at the church just before 08h00 and although there were more cars in the parking area it was good to see quite a few motorbikes.
Meeulanders Hein and Gerda arrived at the same time as I did, they rode a bit further from Saint Helena Bay and Gerda said she was reluctant to get off her warm pillion saddle, I don't have heated seats, only the handlebar grips but that seat was very comfortably warm to the touch.
I am sure that the weather deterred many people from getting out of their warm beds and indeed while we were in the church the rain came down harder, the pile of blankets was not as big as last year but people will be able to take blankets in during the week.
The plan had been for bikers to ride around to Langebaan for breakfast, only some 30 kms but I decided to forgo that and headed home in the rain to a hot cup of coffee and a change of clothing.
I don't particularly mind riding in the rain, if you are a biker you will definitely do it often and I have, but the warmth and comfort of my home was only 13kms away and that was the better option right then.
There were thirteen Meeulanders at the church as well as members of other local clubs; the Mohicans, the Clique and Ancorr among others. Bikers are a good bunch of people.


Trobairitz said...

Nice to see a few people showed up with the blankets. I bet getting home and out of the rain felt good too.

the rider said...

It did feel good getting home but I found out later that quite a few of the guys did indeed carry on around to the restaurant in Langebaan (about 30 kms away) for a breakfast, some dedicated bikers there!