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Monday, July 24, 2017

Lady bikers get together for Agape house in Vredenburg

Sunday dawned cold and slightly wet but that did not deter the ladies, many of whom drove up from Capetown to support "Agape", a home for abused or neglected children in Vredenburg. The call went out for local ladies to assist and Mercia, first lady of the local chapter of the Mohicans posted the request on social media.
Apparently the home does not get government finance but depends on donations and local support so there is always a need for anything from clothes and shoes to food and blankets.

The Meeulanders' own Monica was there and soon bags of clothing and food were being ferried in much to the excitement of the children.

Another wonderful initiative from western cape bikers. Photos by Kareen Neethling. Well done ladies, this sort of thing most of the time goes on unnoticed but it happens all the time, wherever there are bikers.


Trobairitz said...

Bravo! Good job helping them out.

the rider said...

Yes Bravo indeed, thanks Brandy, there's more coming up in the next week or so too. Bikers really are good people.